The Keestrack R6: new options for improved performance

Published 22/2, 2018 at 14:03

The Belgian Monseré group is headquartered in Ingelmunster, a town close to the city of Kortrijk near the French border. Due to its own transport and recycling divisions, the company has expanded to become an interregional supplier of services for earth working, demolition work and the recycling of building materials, demolition waste and organic matter.

Under the leadership of Jurgen Monseré, Movarec, the company’s recycling division, is responsible for the mobile recycling of construction and demolition waste at Monseré and customer sites. The company processes up to 600,000t of building waste each year, with its dedicated breaking yard also producing around 70,000t of high grade recycled material.

At the end of 2016, Movarec replaced its existing 70t impact crusher unit with a diesel hydraulic version of the Keestrack R6. Despite being a fully equipped unit with dual deck pre-screener, double-deck post screen module and recirculation system, the 1300 series crusher barely weighs more than 61t. Additionally, and unlike its predecessor, the new machine can be transported on a low loader without having to be disassembled and reassembled. This significantly improves mobility, shortens downtime, and adds to the profitability of the crusher, even in the case of medium sized process volumes.

Keestrack’s Belgian distributor for east and west Flanders, H.M.B., supplied and now supports the machine, sees the unit as a perfect match for the requirements of Movarec which was fitted with options specific for Movarec’s requirements. A compressed air unit was added to the sprinkler system, in order to clean the spray nozzles quickly and effectively after use. The R6 has also been equipped with other features to optimise production capacity specifically geared to recycling applications.

Jurgen Monseré has now enjoyed over 1,600h operating from his Keestrack R6 since it was delivered in December 2016, delivering high levels of productivity. When dealing with heavy duty feed material containing a large amount of concrete, the crusher achieves an impressive performance of 120t per hour for 0/20mm and 200t per hour when producing a 0/40mm fraction.


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