The New DW 308 Rhino

Published 18/12, 2017 at 13:49

The new DW 308 Rhino from Doppstadt shreds everything ranging from industrial waste, commercial and household waste; construction and demolition waste, organic waste; railway sleepers; green waste, logs or roots.

The main field of application is processing in plants with high throughput capacities. It reduces the size and prepares the material for further use or recovery. Except concrete and steel it can virtually cope with all kinds of materials. 

The new single-shaft shredder is ideal wherever more than 40t/h of waste must be processed. 

With the DW308 Rhino, Doppstadt breaks new ground in the drive technology. While the previous model had a DC motor with rectifier, the present models are provided with a maintenance-free AC drive with state-of-the-art control and Doppstadt VarioDrive.

The DW 308 Rhino comes with the QuickChange System for a quick and easy change from S-tooth to XL-tooth or from M-tooth to L-tooth.  “The new DW 308 Rhino is the largest single-shaft shredder of the Doppstadt product range,” said Doppstadt Systemtechnik managing director Henning Strunz. “It combines the best technologies in a robust and durable machine frame for easy operation and efficient solution of the most difficult tasks achieving highest throughput capacities and a high degree of variability. Therefore it is a worthy successor of our well tried and tested and extremely robust DW 3080 E2 Mammut, which it replaces.“

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