The New Floor Polishing Machine from Klindex

Published 16/5, 2017 at 12:01

It is available with motors from 1300 Watt up to 2900 Watt and is ideal for cleaning, treatment, grinding and polishing of any surface.

BELLA features all the interchangeable accessories to overcome all challenges that occur at construction sites. Main Features: are ergonomically designed handle with hand protection. It has a sturdy frame with reinforced handle rod. The body carcase in shockproof and scratchproof polyurethane material. It has a built in dust vacuum hood and a center of the disc water hose release output. Powerful motors available also with speed controller (VS version). It has big wheels for easier transport and a wide range of handles adjusting positions to permit comfortable working. Further it has an ergonomic carrying handle. The machines has the unique K4 planetary system.


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