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Published 18/12, 2017 at 16:33

Brokk and Husqvarna are the two well-known manufacturers of remotely controlled demolition robots. But there are also smaller manufacturers like Kiesel from Germany and Alpine from the US that build demolition robots, and more for local markets. Mikael Karlsson reports.


The German Kiesel Technology and Development Company (K-TEG), a subsidiary of the wholesaler Kiesel has introduced a demolition robot, KMD-RDC22 for use in confined, hot, and impassable or contaminated working environments. The robot has been available on the market for quite a while.

This demolition robot is an emission free special vehicle using electric drive which can be used in situations that would otherwise require a large number of personnel. 

With a weight of less than 2t, the KMD-RDC22 is, according to Kiesel, the ideal solution for interior demolition and gutting works demanding high performance as well as low ground pressure. The robot can continuously work inside because the electric drive produces no emissions. 

The robot picks up or changes all necessary attachments and tools fully hydraulically within seconds and via remote control thanks to the Oilquick OQ40-5. This function allows the operator to stay in safe distance to the operation area and the robot does not have to leave the working area.

Attachments for the KMD-RDC22 match conventional mini-excavators. Optional attachments include rock wheel cutters, MTB hammers and numerous Demarec grabs. Consequently, the KMD-RDC 22 is ideal for various dismantling applications.

Despite its compact size and the low ground pressure, the 2t robot can achieve the same results as comparable mini-excavators in the 4t class. It can work at a depth of up to 2.5m under floors, as well as at a height of up to 4.5m overhead. 

Horizontally, the robot has a reach of 4m, including the attachment. With its four support legs and adjustable undercarriage, it is very stable. In ideal areas, this can be further enhanced by the use of a stabilising blade when clearing demolition debris.

Thanks to its hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, the robot can be reduced to a width of 780mm. If the boom is retracted, the robot has a maximum height of 1.5m and fits through small and narrow doors. Afterwards, the width of the undercarriage can be extended to a maximum of 1.18m to ensure stability and allow the use of heavy demolition tools.

The Kiesel demolition robot KMD-RDC22 is an alternative to mini-excavators when working in confined spaces. Due to its robust construction with quality components and competitive prices for replacement and spare parts, the robot is an advantageous economic solution.

Alpine RDC Robot

The American company Alpine, situated in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, has launched the Alpine RDC Robot, a remotely controlled demolition machine for applications in nuclear, mining, tunnelling, civil infrastructure, concrete work, and metal production industries. 

With a huge variety of work tools, this is the device for remote, quiet, low impact, precision work in tight or hazardous spaces where traditional excavators cannot be used.  Quality built with high-end components the RDC machines are poised to make a positive impact on challenging jobs.

The RDC robot can be equipped with attachments like breakers, crushers, rock wheel, auger buckets and clams. However, by comparing the robots from Kiesel and Alpine they are very similar. Only the paint seem to separate them which brings a certain suspicion that any one of the companies are the manufacturer and there is a third party.


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