Trevi Benne celebrates 25 years

Published 15/9, 2017 at 12:56

Five years ago PDi reported on Trevi Benne’s 20th anniversary celebration. This summer the company reached 25 years with an even bigger event gathering over 1,500 people at their premises in Noventa Vicentina, Italy. PDi editor in chief Jan Hermansson reports.

On 15 July Trevi Benne held a spectacular 25th anniversary event for over 1,500 people at their premises. Guests included employees, clients, dealers, suppliers and industry partners with their families. Dominant were the Italian clients, but hundreds more came from neighbouring European countries as well Asia, Australia, Africa, South and North America.


Opening ceremony

It was close to the day 25 years ago that Lucia and Luca Vaccaro founded Trevi Benne on 7 July 1992. Since then over 5,000 excavation buckets have been made together with numerous demolition and recycling attachments. Currently Trevi Benne is one of the world’s strongest demolition brands and its products are well known in every continent.

There was something for everybody at the party, including different foods, such as Italian deli, paella and a Brazilian barbeque and copious amounts of local soave wine.

A large playground was available for the children and music entertainment by a cover band later in the evening. 

The festivities started with an opening ceremony attended by the management of Trevi Benne and representatives from the local authorities in Noventa Vicentina.

Trevi Benne general manager Michele Botton opened with a welcoming address followed by Noventa Vicentina deputy mayor Mattia Veronese. He was followed by an address from Flavio Lorenzin, president of Apindustria Confimi Vicenza, the association for small and medium sized industries of the province of Vicenza.  Dr Lara Mussolin concluded the talks. She is a local biologist in the area and well known for here studies in oncology disciplines from the evolutionary age. Mussolin has written over 30 scientific articles on the subject for various international journals.


Inauguration and awards

After the speeches the celebrations started with a ceremony for the inauguration of the new 900m2 production section of the factory incorporating three cranes and ten workstations. The evening continued with the Well Done in Italy Award. The Italian business association Well Done in Italy decided in May to give the 2018 to Luca Vaccaro and Trevi Benne for outstanding work to support the region with the recognition: For their audacity, innovation and profuse attention in these 25 years, first of all to their workers, to the product, thereby creating opportunities for development in the territory.

Luca Vaccaro was honoured with the award Ambassador of Well Done in Italy 2018. This was for believing in his own instinct, pursuing a business idea of the future, and drawing out the strength of a group from individual professionals working together. This part of the proceedings ended with a speech from Luca Vaccaro thanking everybody for attending and the receipt of the awards.

The celebrations continued with a buffet dinner and entertainment from the band O.I & B and singer and songwriter Zucchero. The day concluded with a huge cake and spectacular firework display.

Head of organizing this spectacular 25 year anniversary party were Christian Tadiotto, Marketing Manager at Trevi Benne. Christian made as usual an incredible work. As organiser Christian would like to direct a big thank you to all participant at the party.

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