Trevi Benne keeps boosting its Premium Line

Published 8/10, 2015 at 10:43

Italian attachment specialist Trevi Benne is expanding its Premium Line of demolition tools equipped with the impact booster first presented at Bauma three years ago.

The impact booster is a hydraulic device, which increases the working pressure of the tool up to 750bar. It gets activated when the usual working pressure is no longer enough to crack the structure being demolished. Having supplied 26 units complete with the booster in less than three years, Trevi Benne is satisfied with the positive feedback it has had from users. Those already field-tested included Trevi Benne HC Series primary demolition crushers, F Series secondary pulverisers and FR Series rotating crushers. Now the Italian manufacturer has announced that its MK Series, the multi-kit processor supplied in seven interchangeable versions, is also available with the impact booster. 



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