Tyrolit special projects team celebrates 20 years of success

Published 10/10, 2018 at 15:43

For more than 20 years, the Tyrolit special projects team has been successfully supporting customers with products and solutions for complex construction projects, such as the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and off shore platforms. One such solution developed has been the company’s ATEX-certified wire sawing system - the first of its kind.

Tyrolit has developed a name for producing reliable diamond technology and associated premium products. However, the Tyrolean manufacturer offers far more than a range of ready to use products. In addition to solutions for renovation and demolition, the Tyrolit special projects team also provides support in far more specialised areas, such as decommissioning nuclear power plants or offshore platforms. 


Customisable solutions 

For complex projects, the special projects team offers a wide range of solutions for special applications, which are adapted according to the customers’ needs. As well as its classic concrete drilling and sawing equipment, Tyrolit also supplies drill rigs for large diameter or deep drilling, curved tracks, or pile cutters for cutting pipes and columns. These all encompass the company’s philosophy of supporting its customers in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible.


The professional partner in controlled decommissioning

Tyrolit has proved to be the ideal partner in the controlled decommissioning of nuclear power plants and offshore platforms. In this field, professionalism and experience are key.  “More than 20 years of experience in the field of special projects make us the number one partner for complex decommissioning projects. According to the scope and complexity of the project, we provide our customers with customised support, reaching from bespoke product solutions to planning concepts and feasibility studies to on-site application support,” says Roland Hettegger, who is in charge of the special projects team.

Regardless of the location, Tyrolit has lent its support in projects all around the world, including the restauration of water dams in Australia or South America, underwater cutting in the Atlantic, or the decommissioning of the Belene, Bulgaria nuclear power plant. 


A pioneer of diamond wire technology

Tyrolit’s accumulated know-how directly influences the development of its new products, particularly the advancement of diamond wire technology. A major highlight of the company’s portfolio is the ATEX-certified wire saw system. With this system, Tyrolit is the first supplier worldwide to fulfil the stringent European Union explosion protection directive proving once again to be a pioneer in the field. 

The system consists of the Tyrolit Premium DWH***-S ATEX wire, the SB wire saw and the PPH40RR drive with a certified protective cabin. Alternatively, customers can also use their own certified drive.  “The system can also be used with other certified drives. Apart from the safety of the performing employees, we can, thus, guarantee a cost effective and efficient solution. Customers can be confident that all Tyrolit components are already certified and they only have to take care of the certification of the overall system,” underlines Roland Hettegger. 

The wire saw system is mainly used for cutting pipes or other steel structures in working environments where explosion hazardous gases can escape. Thus Tyrolit primarily serves companies and service providers commissioned with servicing and maintenance operations, and the expansion or modernisation of oil / gas platforms, oil refineries or chemical production facilities.

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