Universal use makes an excellent investment

Published 16/4, 2018 at 16:20

By using the patented Rockster Duplex system with jaw and impact crusher on one basic machine, the Casaccia gravel quarry, located at the base of the ‘Maloja Pass’ in Graubünden (Switzerland), has improved its ability to quickly and efficiently meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

The Hartmann owned Casaccia gravel quarry offers a wide range of gravel and sand, with many construction companies from Graubünden and the neighbouring cantons relying on its certified products. The increasing demand for recycled concrete, or mixed demolition grades, has also made the processing of C&D waste materials important for the company, providing a valuable resource for base layers or road construction. This has seen the company now supplying over 100,000t of virgin and recycled materials each year.


Improvement of the final product

A Rockster Duplex R1200D/R1100DS jaw/impact crusher is now playing an important role at the quarry. Equipped with the unique, patented Duplex system, the crusher can be quickly modified from jaw to impact crusher and vice versa. This allows quick reaction to the different demands of customers. Thus the Casaccia gravel quarry is able to supply a defined standard and specification compliant final product for its customers and partners. "The Rockster was primarily chosen because of the Duplex system. It allows the definition of the final grain faster and better, thus improving the quality and providing a noticeable competitive advantage," so explained Lorenz Biedermann, of Rockster’s Swiss distributor.


Configuration depending on application

For a 100% defined final grain, the optional screening system for the R1100DS/R1200D is used. Any oversize grain gets back into the feed hopper via the return belt. For primary crushing operations in natural stone processing, or for a desired final grain with very low fines, the Rockster plant is used as R1200D jaw crusher. The R1100DS impact crusher is primarily used for finer crushing and recycling of concrete or demolition material.


Mobility also important

C&D processing is not only done in the gravel quarry, but also directly on the construction sites of the Hartmann group. This requires mobility says Lorenz Biedermann, "Another advantage of the Rockster crusher is the low weight and compact transport dimensions. As a result, the crushing plant can be easily transported to a wide range of construction sites and put into operation quickly."


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