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Published 15/9, 2017 at 10:26

Dear Readers
The northern hemisphere is back in business after weeks of vacation while the southern hemisphere has been coping, in some places, with a tough winter.

It has been reported that the capital of Chile, Santiago, has had the worst snowfall in decades. Even though Chile has a tough climate in the southern parts and in the mountains it is rare to have snow on the coast. 

Talking of weather, the hurricane Harvey has been terrorising people in some of the Southern states of US. Similar disasters have happened in parts of Asia with huge floods affecting millions of people. In the south of Europe people have suffered from the heatwave phenomena Lucifer. Something is indeed going on with the climate around the globe these days.

But what is the temperature of the global construction industry? Quite okay I think, if we are to believe the analysts. The UK’s Off-Highway Research organisation estimates that global construction equipment sales will increase by 16% during 2017. They add that worldwide sales are expected to exceed 810,000 units in 2017, with a value of more than US$80bn (€67bn). Markets on almost all continents are showing upturns lead by China. According to Off-Highway Research excavator sales have almost doubled so far in 2017. Europe shows a slight increase of 2% and the US 8%.

The only continent that does not show incurring figures is South America, which is driven by Brazil that is the biggest economy. Brazil still has a long way for an upturn in construction machinery sales. PDi and PDa South American editor Luiz Carlos Beraldo is in this issue sharing a story about the Brazilian construction industry where he interviews the Brazilian construction association Sobratema’s vice president Mario Humberto Marques.

This issue of PDi contains a number of interesting stories and features. We are publishing a large feature on new demolition attachments released or to be released. We are also publishing a feature on new wheel loaders and trucks. There are also interesting site reports along with a presentation of Sweden‘s largest demolition contractor. In July the Italian demolition and recycling attachment manufacturer Trevi Benne celebrated its 25th anniversary and organised a big party attended by over 1,500 people. PDi was there and we publish a story about the celebration. Additionally there are a number of news releases and other texts from the industry in this issue. Enjoy!

Jan Hermansson



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