VDMA publishes new info brochure for users

Published 15/9, 2017 at 10:45

To carry out core-drilling with optimum results the equipment must be safely fastened.

To give users an idea of the ideal fastening system, the core-drilling equipment working group of the construction equipment and building material machinery association of the German engineering federation, the VDMA, has issued the information brochure entitled "Safe fastening of core-drilling equipment" in German and in English. 

The relationship between the influencing variables of machine and site conditions for core-drilling work is complex. The materials making up the ground are not homogenous leads to varying strength characteristics. As dowel manufacturers cannot provide universal data regarding the dowel extraction force, it is necessary to study and to contact all sources and know-how providers for selecting the most suitable fastening system. This may include own best-practice experience, the cooperation with dowel manufacturers or the knowledge of the effects of all influencing variables mentioned in the information brochure. “For this reason we cannot provide users with a universal recipe," said VDMA representative Helmut Schgeiner. "But what we can do is to offer them for the first time compact information about all essential prerequisites for the safe fastening of a core-drilling machine on site which goes beyond the information contained in the operating instructions." 

Taking advantage of the information provided in the brochure requires in-depth knowledge in the field of applied machine and fastening technologies. Manufacturers of core-drilling equipment, therefore, advise users to have all decisions regarding the method of fastening the equipment on site taken only by adequately trained and instructed personnel.

The suggestion that this leaflet should be elaborated by the manufacturers came from user. The project was accompanied by Professor Detlev Borstell of the University of Koblenz. The 21-page brochure may be downloaded from the VDMA website.


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