Vipermetal unveils 3D screening buckets

Published 28/12, 2016 at 16:47

The Finnish crushing and screening bucket manufacturer Vipermetal has introduced its 3D screening buckets for use on excavators and loaders.

Viper 3D screening buckets have been developed to allow reuse and separation of different materials and fragmentations, providing in-situ usage of waste materials. Trench filling and padding, topsoil mixing, stabilization and biomaterial screening and aerating are among the typical screening applications.

The Viper screening bucket attachment is light and provides easy changeover of attachments between base machinery. It has been developed to increase hourly output and improve the quality of screened materials. The rotors in the bottom of the bucket move the material forwards and backwards, depending on direction of the rotors.

The centre twin spiral rotors move material sideways, and U-shaped rotating axles move material up and down, for improved screening and higher capacity. Viper screening buckets are available for excavators weighing 2t to 50t and wheeled loaders of 1t to 35t.

The company has advised its next generation 4D screening bucket is currently in the  development phase and being tested.

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