Visa to use more Deutz engines

Published 15/9, 2017 at 10:36

The German engine manufacturer Deutz and the Italian Visa Group are expanding their supply agreement.

In the future, the Italian generator set manufacturer with brands such as Onis Visa, Nettuno and Tecno plus will use significantly more Deutz engines in its generator and pumps portfolio. The agreement encompasses the supply of B/FM 2011 and BFM 1013 diesel engines with a power output range of 30kVA to 250kVA for generator applications as well as type B/FL2011 and air-cooled type 912/914 engines for water pumps. These engines are ideal for use in the Middle East and Africa. 

Under this supply agreement, Deutz guarantees its trademark rapid, high-quality service, provided through its global service network for all Visa Group generator sets and pumps that are fitted with Deutz engines. “This agreement will help us to strengthen the growth potential of our company,” said Visa Group general manager Marco Barro. “We are proud to be a partner of one of the world's leading engine manufacturers.”

“We are delighted that Visa Group has decided to use more Deutz engines in the future and that our partnership will grow substantially as a result,” said Deutz Europe, Middle East and Africa sales and service senior vice president Georg Diderich.

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