Wall and wire saw puzzle

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:17

The industry of wall and wire sawing machinery is well established, with the same cohort of players ruling the roost for decades. Being technology-intensive, it has high start-up costs preventing newcomers from entering the competition. Only very occasionally a novice emerges brave enough to challenge the established order. Fortunately, it still happens. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Egun is on the roll

Egun System is a young Korean manufacturer whose innovative mobile systems for floor, wall and wire sawing jobs are getting increasingly recognized in the global market. The company was founded by Lee Sung Jun in 1990 originally as a concrete sawing and demolition contractor. Although a software engineer by training, he was always fascinated by heavy machinery. 

Korea’s concrete sawing industry was only just beginning in the 90s, and Hansan Development, as Egun was initially named, quickly secured a leading position in the market. Twenty years later, having accumulated a wealth of practical experience, the company started to develop its own floor, wall and wire sawing equipment. In 2014, it began to supply its machines outside Korea, initially to Cambodia. From that moment, the contractor turned manufacturer, kept expanding its global reach. Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the UK and New Zealand soon joined Cambodia on the list of Egun’s overseas customers. 

Having rebranded the company as Egun System in November 2016, it launched a full onslaught on the global market. Egun has an after sales centre in Singapore and now is preparing a similar operation in the US and the Netherlands. 

Its wire sawing range includes seven diesel and electric powered track mounted models, with the eighth now in the pipeline. On the wall sawing side, the company currently offers two basic models. Another product is the multi-purpose system. This is a track-mounted machine capable of switching between wall, ring and wire sawing, core drilling and concrete breaking jobs which makes it a one-stop solution for a wide variety of demolition projects. 


Hakken Consec 

extends wire sawing line-up 

Hiroshima-based Hakken Consec has extended its wire sawing line with another compact hydraulic model. Powered by a 20kW pack, the new DSM -102A features a main motor, carriage and feed drive pulley mechanism, which is easy to dismantle for transportation. The mechanism is totally waterproof, which makes it easy to clean once the work is completed. 

An electric torque converter integrated into the feeding system continuously adjusts the load on the diamond wire to extend its service life. The standard wire storage of 10.7m can be expanded by adding another pole on the left side. A dry wire sawing kit is also available. 


Hilti breaks new ground in wall sawing  

Lichtenstein-based trendsetter Hilti has upped the ante once again by launching a wall saw that does not require a separate electric box. Having a maximum cutting depth of 720mm, the DST 20-CA boasts a 30% increase in cutting performance compared to the forerunning model DS TS20. With the remote control featuring a cutting depth indicator and the patented Cut Assist function, the system is easy to handle. Other features include ergonomic design, an integrated flush-cutting flange, a traction control system and a compact trolley for moving the system around sites. The DST 20-CA is fully compatible with the existing range of Hilti wall sawing accessories.  



Durability is a byword at Tractive 

The Swedish manufacturer of HF sawing and drilling equipment Tractive has updated its Pentruder range with new features aimed at increasing longevity and durability. The slip clutch protecting the HF motor transmission has been strengthened with carbon-made friction discs. This solution reduces wear, extending service life of the slip clutch. The slip clutch is an important part of a wall sawing set-up that allows operators to continue working, even if the blade is jammed. All that is needed is to back out of the cut and continue sawing. 

The blade flange's centre screw is now made of high-grade stainless steel to eliminate the risk of corrosion. All connectors are now sealed to protect the electronics. Thanks to the new design and manufacturing processes, the reliability of the saw's feed motors and the water fitting on the Pentpak has also been enhanced. 



Husqvarna to launch 

new trolley for large-sized wall saws 

Responding to customer requests, Husqvarna Construction Products is finalizing the serial production of a transport trolley for its WS 440 HF and WS 482 HF wall sawing systems. The new accessory is designed to carry the entire sawing system, including the new wall saw attachment WSC 40. 

“We received many requests from contractors for a transport trolley that would help them move large wall saws and auxiliary tools around the job site,” said Husqvarna global product manager Erik Edvardsson. “Based on those requests we developed the trolley whose weight with the entire wall sawing system, including the power pack and attachments, is 186kg in case of the WS 440 HF and 196kg for the WS 482 HF.


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