Wall saw attachment for demolition robots launched

Published 10/10, 2018 at 15:45

The Romanian concrete cutting company, LT Diamond Drilling Pty Ltd., has produced a very interesting development in the demolition industry, with the launch of the first wall sawing attachment for demolition robots.

The hydraulic wall saw attachment offers robotic cutting in any direction: it is said to be flexible, powerful and can provide deep cutting in reinforced concrete and almost any type of construction material. At this point PDi Magazine has very little technical information about the attachment, but we will come back with more information in a future issue. Youssef Hallak, founder and owner of LT Diamond Drilling, says that the new attachment has already been used at several work sites, and works very well. LT Diamond Drilling has grown extensively during the last few years, with its equipment now working throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


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