Welcome to the Aquajet Academy

Published 22/2, 2018 at 12:57

In 2018, Aquajet will raise the bar higher with the introduction of a new training program, called Aquajet Academy. In addition, the company will use its annual ‘Hydrodemolition’ days in April to unveil several new products.

A basic training program is always part of the delivery process after a customer has purchased an Aqua cutter robot from Aquajet. The course participants go through a program focused on safety, operation and service of the equipment. A certificate of approval is issued to each participant following completion. 

The new program, Aquajet Academy, takes all this to a significantly higher level in order to unleash the full potential of the product. The training program covers all aspects of advanced hydrodemolition, which allows the operator to work more efficiently in a safer way.

“After a training course in the Aquajet Academy program, the operator is ready to take on most advanced challenges in the safest way possible. Our training program leads to a more efficient and timesaving operation. The operators can focus on the job at hand and spend less time on figuring out how to maximize the performance. To gain access to the product’s full potential, education is essential. When the operators empower themselves with new skills, it’s mutually beneficial for the contractor and the developer. It’s basically a win-win situation for all”, says Dennis Hilmersson, training and support manager at Aquajet Systems.

The Aquajet Academy program consists of six important courses: products (2 days), hydrodemolition (3 days), streamlining of work (2 days), safety & technique (1 day), service (1 day) and train the trainer (3 days). Combined, they cover all an operator needs to know about handling, maintenance, training, safety, high-pressure regulations, pumps, hoses, and much more. 



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