Words from the EDA President: Innovation is the new routine

Published 19/4, 2016 at 09:40

Several studies, universities and other specialists are measuring the time spent on innovation regularly. By looking at those studies, it is easy to see the relevant differences between new business models and traditional companies.

In most cases, demolition and the related activities could be considered as traditional businesses, bringing solutions to the customer with standardized methodologies (more or less).

Those specialists studying innovation say that one easy way to detect a traditional business is to see if the activities of that industry are regulated/legislated, as it is the case with most activities related with demolition.

But everything is changing. On the last seven years the debt of most of the developed countries went up to numbers never seen before, many of the traditional ways of doing business are being challenged by new business models or the deep penetration of new technologies on daily operations.

A good example is the collaborative economy, that is changing how we book our holidays, we rent a car, …

And demolition has its share of changes: scrap value very low, increasing costs of material recycling, complex materials that require lots of hours to segregate on the site, more and more hazardous substances on site, …

With this scenario, it is easy to understand that innovation is becoming increasingly more important for the demolition industry.

To get better, to survive and to find new and cost-effective ways to operate as a business, we need to innovate.

Changing the way we do things has its advantages and disadvantages, as everything on life.

On one hand, we are ready to try and experiment easily, to question everything we do and why we do. On the other hand, you have to redo processes, education, assessments, … for all your operations.

To be honest, innovation should not be a challenge for our industry, as every building or structure we demolish is a new adventure.

But the question here is how deep we are prepared to go with the innovation, as it also requires a change of mindset of everything related with the business (and not just the demolition operations).

To work on this topic, innovation, EDA is preparing its Annual Convention to be held in Glasgow, this June 9-11.

To participate on the debate, come and join us in Glasgow, where we will be working on the innovation of the industry together.

If you are interested in getting involved or have feedback please contact EDA at: www.europeandemolition.org


Pilar de la Cruz

President of the European

Demolition Association


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