Klingspor investing in the diamond cutting blade market

Klingspor investing in the diamond cutting blade market

Published 15/11 at 18:42

The German manufacturer of coated and bonded abrasives, Klingspor, is entering the diamond cutting blade market by investing in a new production facility at its factory at Velyki Mosty, Ukraine, about 50km north of Lviv, near the Polish border.

Safe breaking in Thailand

Safe breaking in Thailand

Published 15/11 at 18:15

In Thailand the concrete sawing and drilling contractor C.S. Applicator has broken through a bank vault’s concrete wall with equipment from Tyrolit. The vault is in a bank in the Roi-Ed province and has changed ownership. The new owners needed to renovate the building and extend the size of the vault by dismantling the old front wall while keeping and reusing the vault’s safe door.

Hydro-Tec: Quality above all

Hydro-Tec: Quality above all

Published 16/5 at 16:16

Hydro-Tec, one of Germany’s most established and respected suppliers of concrete sawing and drilling solutions, hails from Schwabach near Nuremberg. It was there, in an abandoned army barracks that Roland Kirsch and Jürgen Kimmel set up the company in 1997. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Tyrolit cutting pro competition final

Tyrolit cutting pro competition final

Published 16/5 at 15:42

On 22 February the best European professional concrete cutters lined up against one another in the Tyrolit concrete sawing and drilling competition called Tyrolit Cutting Pro Competition.

“An Emotional Business”

“An Emotional Business”

Published 6/10, 2015 at 15:28

It’s not only manufacturers that play an important role in an industry’s development. Strong distributors also have a major impact in a region or a whole country. There are many examples and one is the company Nestag in Eptingen, Switzerland, which now is part of the Tyrolit Group. Jan Hermansson reports.

Diamantbohr on course for Germany

Diamantbohr on course for Germany

Published 6/10, 2015 at 15:20

Diamantbohr is Europe’s biggest concrete sawing and drilling contractor and will celebrate its 45th anniversary next year. It has a very strong foothold in Switzerland and is now setting its sights on increasing its presence in Germany. Jan Hermansson reports.

The concrete cutting globetrotter

Published 2/7, 2015 at 14:26

The world is shrinking and concrete cutting tasks are expanding. Being a concrete cutter was previously regarded as local employment. But now many concrete cutting operators and contractors often move around the world taking their knowledge and expertise with them. One of these is Andreas Kuelz who moved from Karlstad, Sweden to Germany and then Canada, where he is currently a Mentor Operator with Graff, which is part of the Penhall Group.

Diamond tools and concrete cutting equipment

Published 2/7, 2015 at 14:25

Husqvarna Construction Equipment Husqvarna Construction Products launched a number of new products at World of Concrete in Las Vegas earlier this year. Intermat with World of Concrete Europe became the first show in Europe where the new products where displayed. In terms of diamond tools the Diagrip system has been extended with new products.


Published 16/4, 2015

Germany is one of the world’s trendsetters in concrete cutting and drilling. Its trade association, Fachverband Bohren und Sägen, is the largest in Europe with the membership of almost 700 companies. Carving out a niche in a market as saturated as this is a formidable task indeed but SSB Fidan has solved it. Or rather, they have drilled their niche out. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Eiche forges ahead with breakthrough diamond technology

Published 15/4, 2015

Despite being in the diamond tooling business since 1981, the company Klaus Eiche has kept a low profile. There was a good reason for that: private label manufacturing that accounted for the lion’s share of its turnover. But if you have a real know-how in your possession, sooner or later you would want the world to know about it. Andrei Bushmarin visited Eiche’s plant in Denzlingen, Germany.

Reliability permeates everything

Published 30/1, 2015

PDi 4-2014 featured Tyrolit’s premises in Austria and continues in this issue with the manufacturer’s development of machines and equipment for concrete sawing and drilling in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. PDi’s Jan Hermansson reports.


Published 19/12, 2014

Betag-Betontaglio is one of Switzerland’s biggest and most experienced specialist contractors. Having clocked up 35 years in the business of concrete cutting and selective demolition, the company, based in Cadempino, is now going stronger than ever. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Important new guidelines from IACDS

Published 19/12, 2014

When the International Association for Concrete Drillers and Sawers IACDS held its annual meeting in 2013 the association received sharp criticism from a few member associations that too few results are available for the concrete cutting market can benefit from. It was decided to call for a separate meeting to discuss the future of IACDS. This meeting took place in Amsterdam in the autumn of 2013.

75kW diamond saw from Adamas races through asphalt

Published 18/12, 2014

The Dutch company A. van der Jagt has a 45 year track record in demolition, concrete cutting and drilling. It specializes in non-standard projects involving asphalt and concrete cutting with time restrictions.

Curb cutter invented by UK contractor D-Drill

Published 18/12, 2014

The UK diamond drilling and concrete cutting company D-Drill, has invented a machine that can cut granite kerb stones an angle in situ to allow easy access by cars, bicycles and other vehicles. The Cyclpath, devised by D-Drill managing director Julie White and her father and former owner of the business, Peter, means that kerbstones can be cut and remain in place.

CSDAA President Jason Franken reports from the Australian market

Published 18/12, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close we look forward to the Christmas break and some time off to share with family and friends. I make special mention of this because of the recent tragedy in Queensland, Australia with the sudden passing of Jarrod Clayton. Jarrod was a respected and valued member of Condrill Services in Queensland, and will be sorely missed by those that grew up and worked with him.

“Contractors don’t see our advantages, they experience them”

Published 29/10, 2014

This feature is the beginning of a journey that starts in the valley of Tirol and stretches to all corners of the world. It’s about Tyrolit, the Austrian manufacturer, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of professional tools and equipment for concrete sawing and drilling. But Tyrolit is much more then that. PDi’s Jan Hermansson reports.

Heavy stitch drilling

Published 29/10, 2014

In the UK a team from D-Drill have helped to remove a 4.4t concrete block during major works at Pembroke Power Station in south Wales.

On the Cutting Edge of Concrete Cutting

Published 24/9, 2014

ICS Blount continues to add new dimensions to technology it helped create. PDi’s Jim Parsons reports.

Dico: A rising force in Benelux

Published 24/9, 2014

The diamond tooling business is not as easy and lucrative as it once was. There is tougher competition, lower prices lower and smaller profit margins, but, apparently, still appealing enough for new entrants. Belgium-based Dico is a rookie supplier of diamond consumables, carving out a niche for itself. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

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