2019 sees many new products from Atlas Copco

Published 28/6, 2019 at 12:33

Atlas Copco presented several products at this year’s bauma and introduced Stage V compliant diesel engines to its ‘DrillAir’ range of high pressure portable compressors.

Mainly used for ground engineering, pipeline services, water well and geothermal drilling, the DrillAir range encompasses several large compressor models with operating pressures between 20-35bar and flows from 20.6-42 m3/min.  Additionally, Atlas Copco has applied the new Xc4004 ‘Smart Air’ controller to this compressor range.  These developments, in combination with the ‘AirXpert 2.0’ performance management system, mean that drilling companies can both reduce engine emission levels and improve their operating performance.

Throughout 2019, Atlas Copco will also introduce several mobile electric variable speed drive (VSD) air compressors to its ‘E-Air’ range. The absence of diesel emissions, combined with the low noise levels, make the E-Air range a good match for underground applications like mining or tunnelling, as air ventilation is a part of the running costs. A new addition to the QAC range of containerised generators, the QAC 1450 ‘TwinPower’, has been introduced, the QAC 1450 TwinPower.

Atlas Copco has introduced its first ever battery powered LED light tower. Offering run times of up to 32h, an extended lifespan, minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the compact ‘HiLight Z3+’ is powered by lithium ion batteries and provides enhanced illumination for metropolitan construction sites, outdoor events and industrial areas. Zero noise during operation and the absence of engine emissions ensure full environmental compliance in urban locations.

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