A new level

Published 21/4 at 13:23

All of Epiroc’s heavy hydraulic breakers feature the patented ‘Intelligent Protection System’ (IPS). Seamlessly combining Epiroc’s ‘AutoControl’ and ‘StartSelect’ functions, this fully automated system provides simpler, more efficient and more economical operation than ever before.

AutoControl and StartSelect have been popular features on Epiroc hydraulic breakers for some years. AutoControl optimises breaker performance by automatically adjusting the piston stroke length whilst StartSelect system offers manual switching between two modes. ‘AutoStart’ mode enables easy positioning at the beginning of the breaking cycle, whilst in ‘AutoStop’ mode the breaker stops automatically to avoid blank firing at the end of the breaking cycle.

Now these functions are combined in Epiroc´s Intelligent Protection System (IPS). IPS ensures that the hydraulic breaker always starts in the AutoStart mode. When the contact pressure between chisel and material increases, and AutoControl switches from a short piston stroke to a long piston stroke, IPS switches automatically to the AutoStop mode. When the chisel breaks through the material, the breaker automatically shuts off and prevents blank firing.

IPS makes the breaking process even simpler for the operator by automatically adapting the breaker’s operating behaviour to any working condition. Uptime is higher since, with its fully automated functionality, IPS requires no operator intervention or reaction and thus there is no interruption of the working process. The system permits more accurate and significantly faster positioning of the breaker, thanks to the centring effect, and avoids blank firing that often results in tool damage. This also eliminates mechanical strain on the carrier and the life of all wear components is extended. The physical load on the operator is minimised as well.

The entire heavy breaker product range from HB 2000 to HB 10000, ‘Dust’ and ‘ECO’ version, are equipped with Intelligent Protection System (IPS).

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