Advanced technology with TRS23 tiltrotato

Published 28/6, 2019 at 13:24

With the addition of the new TRS23 tiltrotator system (TRS), Caterpillar Work Tools provides a full portfolio of TRS configurations for Cat wheel and track excavators with operating weights from 23t to 30t.

The TRS23, featuring a fully integrated control system that enhances carrier versatility and attachment control, rotates 360o in either direction and tilts up to 40o left and right, allowing the machine to reach more work areas from a single position, and to manoeuvre around obstacles. The new TRS23 is available with pin on and coupler interfaces for handling a range of grading and trenching buckets (with CW-, CWs-, or S-coupler tops and bottoms) and an available swivel which can operate such work tools as compactors and grapples. An optional grapple module allows picking and placing material without changing work tools.

‘SecureLock’ ensures a positive tiltrotator connection to the carrier by using both hydraulic and mechanical locking mechanisms, as well as a sensor based confirmation system with audible signals and visual in cab indicators. Integral load holding valves are designed to maintain cylinder stability and to secure loads, even if lines are cut. Long term reliability and durability for the TRS23 result from the heavy duty bolted joint that secures the housing, rotator and coupler as a unit. The worm gear drive is designed with wide bearing surfaces that distribute excavation forces in all directions. In addition, the gear drive is submersed in oil to ensure positive lubrication in all operating conditions. Pins, shafts and bushings feature heavy duty construction and the hydraulic rotator motor is protected inside the cast rotator housing.

‘Smart functions’ for the tiltrotator include bucket pulse, designed to automatically spread material evenly and quickly. Optional RPS sensors track the position of the tiltrotator, showing data on the in cab monitor, as well as sharing information with grade control systems. For precise attachment control, the TRS23 allows ‘home’ positions to be stored for returning the tiltrotator (with the press of a button) to a user defined position. The ‘Innovative Lubrication System’ (ILS) simplifies daily maintenance, allowing the tiltrotator to be greased from one location or connected to the machine’s automatic lubrication system.

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