All roads lead to Las Vegas in January

Published 27/12, 2021 at 12:20

It's soon time for World of Concrete in Las Vegas again. In January 2022, the gates will be opened once more with the show being well on its way to regaining its former figures of 1,500 exhibitors and more than 60,000 visitors.

When this issue of PDi Magazine is distributed, there are only a few weeks left until World of Concrete 2022 will be held in Las Vegas between 18 to 20 January, 2022. And it is also just a little more than six months since the show was last held in 2021.


We finally meet again and again

We all know that the show in June 2021 was quite different from what we are used to. The pandemic stopped most international exhibitors and visitors from attending the fair. But despite significantly fewer exhibitors and visitors, the outcome of the fair was very good. The industry breathed a sigh of clear optimism and a belief in the future. There was also a clear will among both exhibitors and entrepreneurs to meet again.

Ahead of the 2022 trade show, the situation looks different and significantly better despite the threat from the new mutation of the virus, Omicron. The US borders remain open, at least for the time being, if nothing worsens. The exhibitors have returned to the 2022 fair. Not fully, but it is a big difference from the fair that was held in June 2021. Most of the major players are back again and following PDi being in contact with several of the exhibitors, we know that a lot of new products will be shown at the show. But there are still a lot of exhibitors who have chosen to refrain until the pandemic subsides further. It is quite clear that a lot of exhibitors from both Asia and Europe have chosen not to exhibit.


Over 1,100 exhibitors in 2022

World of Concrete 2022 will, like the fair in June 2021, be implemented with strict pandemic rules so as not to risk the spread of infection. For example, all registrations for the fair takes place online and it will not be possible to register at the fair itself. The show will be held in three indoor halls, Central, North and West hall and outdoors at Diamond and Silver lot. The total number of exhibitors for World of Concrete 2022 is just over 1100, which is an improvement when compared with the 650 companies at the fair in 2021. This is almost a doubling, but there is still a long way to go before the show achieves the 1,500 companies that exhibited at the fair in 2019.

As an industry magazine for the demolition, concrete drilling, sanding and polishing of concrete floors, decontamination and recycling sectors, we are very much looking forward to the fair in 2022 and hope to see many familiar faces from the industry again. As usual, PDi Magazine will exhibit and distribute magazines at the fair. We will monitor activities closely and a summary of the fair will be published in PDi 1 2022 which will be published in February.

Next to this, you will find a selected list of exhibitors in the product sectors the magazine covers.

Welcome to World of Concrete 2022 in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.

Selected exhibitors WOC 2022

Exhibitor                Booth

Alpine Rockwheel            W647

Ammann America Inc            O30167

Aquajet Systems AB            W1305

ASTEC                N737

AUSA Corporation            W1205

Autec North America            W3178

Avanti International            C5851

Aztec Products, Inc.            O30414

Bartell Global            C4804

BlastPro Manufacturing, Inc.        C4212

Bobcat                W3177

Brokk Inc                W1305

Buffalo Turbine            C5882

Bunyan Industries            D839

Canycom USA, Inc.            W3627

CARDI                O30552

Caterpillar Inc            W941

CLEARBLAST            N563

CSDA                W1105

CSD Safety Week            N2949

Conjet                C4816

Construction Robotics            C3153

Construction Software             N1447

Const. Waste & Silica Safety         O30420

Continental Abrasives            C5684

Cratos                W553

CS Unitec Inc            D837

DDM Concut Diamond Tools        W865

DEWALT                D916

Diamond Blade Warehouse        C5439

Diamond Products            D844 



Diamond Speed Products, Inc.        C4037

Diamond Vantage, Inc.            C3639 



DITEQ Corporation            D238 


Dustcontrol, Inc.            C5625

Dustless Technologies            C5502

Dymatec                D353

E-Z Drill, Inc.            W3864

Geophysical Survey Systems        W1417

Gorilla Concrete Tools            C5611

Hilti                D1245 


Husqvarna Construction Prod.        D1200

Jetstream of Houston LLP        W773

Jon-Don LLC            O31099

Liebherr USA, Co.            N929 


Link Manufacturing            W829

LISSMAC Corporation            D535

Liugong Construction M.        W4019

Makinex USA LLC            C5335

Makita U.S.A., Inc.            D610 



MB America, Inc.            O29967

Milwaukee Tool            O30800

Multi Machine Inc.            W3513

Multiquip Inc            W4231

National Flooring Equipment        C5213

New Grind Inc            D123

OTTO BAIER GmbH            O30458

PDi Magazine / PDa Magazine        C4628

Pearl Abrasive            C4021

PR Diamond Products            D541

Proceq USA, Inc.            N1649

Quick Attach Attachments LLC        W4041

Ready Jet Inc.            W1376

Runyon Surface Prep Rental &        C5176

SASE Company, LLC            O30315

Scanmaskin            D134

Sensytec                N1577

SlurryMonster, LLC            O30360 



SPRAYSTREAM            C3507

Stihl Inc                W3321

Sunbelt Rentals            N2137

Sunward America            W341

Superabrasive, Inc.            C5413 


Syntec Diamond Tools            C5306

Terex                W3327

Terra Diamond / GDM            C4220

Terrazzo & Marble Supply C        C5829

Terrco, Inc.                C4879

TITAN DIAMOND USA            C4066

Toku America Inc.            W3573

U.S. SAWS                         C5525, O30712

Vacuworx                W1315

Wacker Neuson            W3905

Wolff Tools                C5903

World Diamond Source Inc        C5114

Xtreme Engineered Floor Sys        C5659

Xtreme Polishing System        C5489


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