Yuta Miyazaki, Climb’s Sales Manager.

All wired up

Published 3/7, 2018 at 13:51

Building a high performing wall or wire sawing system is a challenging engineering task requiring a lot of skill and experience. Until a few years ago, only a handful of manufacturers in the entire world were capable of effectively accomplishing this. Now the situation is changing, with more and more companies mastering the complex manufacturing technology. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports.

B+BTec diversifies into wire sawing

Netherlands based B+BTec, best known for its powerful core drilling machines Karat, has diversified into the wire sawing business by launching a system whose key components are made from stainless steel. Developed in house, the brand new electric wire saw CS17-E is designed for large scale demolition projects such as dismantling of bridges, chimneys and foundations. With a rated power of 17W (22W peak), the machine ensures a wire speed of up to 24m/sec. Weighing in at 355kg, the wire saw measures 1,500m x 860m x 880m (L,W,H) with a wire storage capacity of 7.5m. The machine’s body and control panel are made of stainless steel for extra ruggedness and reliability. The wire saw is available for commercial delivery as of 1 May. 



Dazzini Macchine: 

wire saw expert from the ‘marble country’ 

Based in Carrara - Italy’s capital of marble extraction - Dazzini Macchine is a global trendsetter in the wire sawing machinery for mining and construction applications. Electric powered wire sawing systems are the area where the company particularly excels. At the moment Dazzini’s electric line up comprises of four basic models. Featuring a 7.5W (10hp) electric motor and inverters, the 300 wire cutter series is Dazzini’s smallest machine specified for selective demolition tasks on sites where noise and vibrations must be minimised.  The lightweight and compact S300 can operate from regular scaffoldings and does not require any lifting devices. Its bigger brother, EDIL 600, is designed for demolition of heavy structures of different shapes. The machine comes with a special electronic advancing system to prevent wasting of the diamond wire which has a speed of up to 30m/sec. The wire saw can be powered by either 20 or 25hp electric motor. 

Featuring the patented ‘Easydrive’ electronic system, the S800EG wire saw is considered to be a Dazzini signature model. It allows adjustment of the wire speed from 0 to 45m/sec without stopping the operation. Depending on the application, the user can choose from the 50, 60 or 75hp motor options. Dazzini’s Edil900EGT wire saw is another example of excellent engineering with the machine, which has been developed with the operator’s safety in mind, coming packed with features to prevent any malfunction that might lead to an accident, including remote controlled operation via a radio control. This renders unnecessary the use of cables between the saw and control unit and allows the operator to stay at a safe distance at all times. 



Egun leads the way in robotic wire sawing 

Korea based Egun System burst onto the global concrete cutting market only a few years ago, but it did so with quite a bang. The company has created an ingenious floor and wire sawing systems whose design is rooted in military technology. All Egun machines are robust track mounted concrete ‘eating’ beasts built to operate in the harshest environments. The G100, G160 and G200 robots are the latest additions to the range. Equipped with a 100hp motor, the G100 is a basic model intended for regular wire sawing jobs. The G160, powered by a 160hp motor, is meant for large scale projects and underwater applications, as is the largest model in the range, the G200. All models are available either in cable or wireless remote control configurations. Recently the Korean manufacturer added the US to the list of the entered markets, which signifies a major breakthrough in the company’s development.  



Heavy duty wire sawing solutions from DUS 

Finland based manufacturer DUS specialises in making concrete cutting and drilling equipment for heavy duty tasks. DUS’s wire sawing machines are designed to remove large concrete structures and to create openings in thick walls. The manufacturer’s flagship wire saw WS4524 is driven by a 20kw hydraulic unit, providing a maximum pressure of 250 bar. Depending on the job’s requirements, the machine can be used either in dry or water cooled cutting modes. The maximum length of wire specified for this model is 27.6m. 



Plattner GesmbH: 

knowledge that runs in the family

Founded by Josef Plattner and his wife Ruth in 1994, Plattner GesmbH is a wire saw specialist from Schwaz, Austria. A talented engineer, Josef Plattner developed many innovations throughout the years until his untimely death in 2012. Now his son David Plattner runs the family business. Since 1998, Plattner GesmbH has been enjoying mutually beneficial cooperation with the market leader Hilti in the field of wire sawing. Tailor made systems, using a patented 6.5m high portal wire saw for cutting of pre-fabricated components (e.g. brick walls), are also available from the Austrian company. Plattner’s other area of expertise is equipment for milling, dressing, strengthening and sharpening of diamond consumables. 



Climb - emerging player from Japan 

There are two Japanese manufacturers that almost everybody in the global concrete sawing industry knows. These are Hakken Consec and Shibuya, both from Hiroshima. So far their position as the top Japanese brands has been largely unchallenged. However, on a recent trip to Japan, PDi met with Climb - a fledgling manufacturer of floor and wire sawing equipment with international aspirations. A member of Japan’s Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (JCSDA), Climb is a family owned company based in Tokyo. Its very name signifies a continuous strive for improvement. At the moment the company has 15 employees supplying its machines only to domestic users, but there is little doubt that Climb’s solutions will become popular outside Japan very soon. 




extends wall sawing range 

The Austrian / Swiss heavyweight has added two new models to its range of wall saws. The lightweight WSE811*** MKII features integrated design with just one cable and one hose, making the assembly/disassembly procedure extremely expedient. The machine delivers excellent cutting performance within the 16A range due to the combination of an electronic feed control and the ultra-compact P2® motor. Other highlights include a redesigned blade guard and proven sturdy tracks. Also new from the manufacturer is the WSE1621*** system; this being a versatile workhorse developed for day to day sawing jobs. Thanks to the ultra light blade guard and tool free motor fastening, the system is easy to mount and disassemble. The radio remote control comes with a display informing the user about all operational parameters. The system’s motor and control unit can also be used for wire sawing and drilling applications.



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