Allu and Mapei Circulus transforms returned concrete into high quality recycled aggregate

Published 28/6 at 15:51

The Allu Mapei Circulus system is aimed at large and medium sized RMC producers, or cement /concrete recycling companies that wish to reduce the cost of handling returned concrete waste.

The system uses the Mapei Re-Con Zero chemical together with an Allu Transformer. With the Re-Con Zero the wet returned concrete is transformed into a dry granulate, the Allu Transformer then processes the hardened lumps and screens them into a specified aggregate size to be recycled with fresh concrete. This enables concrete manufacturers to then use between 5% and 30% of the recycled aggregate combined with new concrete, which is said to bring savings through reducing costs buying in virgin aggregate. The system also reduces the amount of washed out sludge from concrete trucks, with waste sludge being an environmental challenge that has to be landfilled, and is therefore an additional cost for concrete producers.

The Allu Mapei Circulus system assists the concrete industry towards sustainability in concrete manufacturing. The global consumption of concrete is a staggering 23Bt each year, and it is estimated that approximately 2% of all concrete produced in the world is returned to the producer, with the majority being landfilled. An estimated 5% of all man made carbon dioxide emissions stem from cement and concrete production, with 2% of produced and returned concrete adding up to 460Mt being unnecessarily landfilled, resulting in a staggering total of 53Mt of carbon dioxide being emitted. Through use of the Allu Mapei Circulus, the manufacturers say up to 96% of the above-mentioned CO2 emissions may be reduced.

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