Allu China launches the new DC Series

Published 11/3, 2022 at 09:52

Allu has introduced its new Allu ‘Transformer DC Series’ for the Chinese market following on from the opening of its Chinese manufacturing plant in 2021 tailored to the specific requirements of Chinese customers.

The Transformer DC Series are screening attachments for a variety of screening, crushing, mixing, and aerating applications. All models are equipped with two hydraulic motors for maximised processing power. The attachments have reinforced sides, making the bucket robust and durable even in demanding environments and for dealing with demanding materials. Operations director for China, Pierre Bujes says: “Allu has heavily invested in China and listened to our customers in China. Introducing the new DC Series, which Allu has tailored just for the Chinese market, will strengthen our support to our customers and operational presence, to help grow the region whilst being competitive in the local market.”

The DC Series offers two different blade options and can be equipped with ‘TS blades’, making it ideal for applications that require screening, separation, and aeration. The TS blades rotate between the screening combs, and the final fragment size is 25mm-50mm. This structure is unique in that the fragment size of the final product can be changed by repositioning the screening combs. This allows two fragment size variations to be produced with the same attachment.

When equipped with ‘X-blades’, the attachments are ideal for applications requiring stabilisation, mixing, aeration and crushing. The structure is clog proof and the capacity remains high even with wet materials. Thanks to the design, the Allu Transformer DC Series with X- blades are well suited for even the most demanding mixing and pulverising tasks including waste material handling and processing, compost mixing and aerating, pipeline backfilling/padding, stabilising clay, cable backfill, environmental remediation and soil and gravel screening.

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