Aquajet adds Brokk Germany to its global distribution network

Published 30/12, 2020 at 08:47

Aquajet, has partnered with Brokk Germany to expand its global distribution network. The new relationship will provide localised sales and service for hydrodemolition contractors in Germany and Austria and increase support for Aquajet customers across Europe.

Brokk Germany officially starts distribution of Aquajet products on 1January 2021 and is already offering equipment demonstrations. 

Brokk Germany will offer Aquajet’s full product line, including its innovative ‘Aqua Cutter’ 410V and 710V hydrodemolition robots and the compact ‘ERGO’ system for surface preparation applications. This will be delivered at three locations; the company headquarters in Friedenweiler, a subsidiary in Rheinberg and  partner in Pirna. Accessories and support equipment such as the ‘EcoClear’ water treatment system and ‘Ecosilence’ 3.0 power pack will also be available. The latter newly redesigned unit reduces noise and emissions and allows for a more compact jobsite, making it ideal for urban projects throughout Germany.   

Brokk Germany will also provide service and training with a staff of five certified technicians operating between the three locations, as well as a technical sales manager. Onsite demonstrations are available by appointment, allowing customers to experience Aquajet’s versatile and innovative hydrodemolition equipment and choose models and attachments best suited to their needs. In addition to the three sales and service locations, Brokk Germany will stock Aquajet components at two strategically located warehouses, one in Berlin and another near Austria, to ensure availability and timely delivery throughout the region. 

“Germany is one of the biggest hydrodemolition markets worldwide,” said Andreas Ruf, managing director, Brokk Germany. “Partnering with Aquajet allows us to provide cutting edge equipment that expands our customers’ capabilities beyond concrete demolition to surface preparation, concrete restoration and industrial cleaning applications. Aquajet’s versatility perfectly complements our Brokk equipment.”

Aquajet’s global distribution network also includes partners in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, North America, Latin America, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, China and Japan for localised service in these regions. “Providing local service, in the language each customer is most comfortable with, is a key component of Aquajet’s commitment to customer service,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet managing director. “Our global distribution network allows us to do that, and we’re happy to work with our sister company, Brokk Germany, to provide convenient, top tier hydrodemolition support for the German and Austrian market.”

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