Published 23/11, 2018 at 15:40

In 2018, Aquajet Systems AB celebrated its 30th anniversary. This landmark provided an opportunity for the company to unveil several new ground breaking products for safe and sustainable hydrodemolition.

One of the new products launched by Aquajet to help celebrate its 30th anniversary is the Ergo, which has been developed for small scale operations and industrial cleaning jobs. It replaces all forms of hand lance work on doors, walls or ceilings. Furthermore, it’s perfect for hydrodemolition operations in confined areas and wherever a robot or other kinds of larger fixed hydrodemolition equipment won’t fit. The system is designed to be a true problem solver and business enabler, and to make the operator’s job and working conditions safer than ever before.

Aquajet Ergo has been designed to place operator safety and business first. At the heart of the Ergo is the advanced control unit, the Ergo ‘Controller’, which works together with its arms and legs, or either a spring loaded high friction roller system called the Ergo ‘Climber’, or a flexible rail system called Ergo ‘Spine’. Additionally, it is equipped with an all new Ergo ‘Power Head’, which utilises Aquajet’s unique 45o lance angle and adjustable oscillation.

The flexible Ergo ‘Spine’ is easily configured to solve virtually any problem by just adding brackets and supports. Ergo ‘Climber’ is a frame system that can be quickly built up using standard scaffolding pipes. It is packed with effective water nozzles that remove damaged concrete in very difficult and confined areas. The complete system measures 1.5m x1.5m and has a total weight of 85kg, making it easy to manage and enabling all parts can be carried by a single person. Thanks to its smart design and the use of low weight materials, every component in the Ergo system can be handled, carried and transported by one person, with everything fitting in one small van or on a standard pallet. The dry weight of the control unit, Ergo ‘Controller’, is only 98kg, and none of the additional parts weigh more than 25kg. Aquajet Ergo can be delivered as a complete starter kit, with key system parts such as Ergo ‘Controller’, Ergo ‘Climber’ and Ergo ‘ Spine’ being also sold separately.

As well as its new Ergo, Aquajet has also this year launched its Super Lance System 3000, a new lance system with capacity up to 3000bar. This features a reduction of the lance diameter from 45mm to 36mm as well as improvements to the nozzle. The system is easy to mount, and equipped with standard couplings providing a more flexible system.

According to Aquajet, the new Ergo family will take hydrodemolition technology and industrial cleaning work several steps further. The new technology is considerably more accessible and efficient to work with, with Ergo enabling non specialised hydrodemolition contractors to work with the new technology.

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