Aquajet’s revolutionary ceramic nozzles in action

Published 16/9, 2019 at 14:42

Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles are more than just tough. They’re specially designed to offer industry leading longevity, cost savings and productivity to maximise efficiency on even the toughest jobs.

A ceramic nozzle costs more than its steel counterpart, but each component ensures optimal efficiency. The smoother internal surface produces a longer length of cohesive water jet stream, and a higher coefficient of discharge. By maintaining a narrow path for a longer distance, Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles allow users to remove more material with a higher level of accuracy, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Depending on water quality, Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles can last more 350h, compared with the 50h lifetime of most steel nozzles. That means users might well spend as much as €900 on steel nozzles before replacing one ceramic nozzle. This results in major savings over the course of a hydrodemolition robot’s lifetime as well as improving jobsite efficiency in terms of downtime. 

One US contractor saw the benefit of ceramic over steel nozzles first hand when faced with a tight deadline to remove 6m deep concrete from 1,500 pilings in a swampy area.  The contractor employed two Aquajet Aqua Cutter 710Vs with inexperienced crews, and an alternative hydrodemolition machine manned by experienced operators. The Aqua Cutters cleared 21 pilings per day compared to just five by the other machines used on the project. The contractor attributed its efficiency to the quality of the nozzle, with the ceramic nozzles outlasting and outperforming steel nozzles, saving the contractor both time and money.

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