Aquajet to host ‘World Tour’ events in Europe and North America

Published 19/4 at 09:09

Aquajet is taking its hydrodemolition equipment on tour in 2022. Events are scheduled in Europe and North America that will include top of the line equipment demonstrations featuring the new ‘Aqua Cutter’ 750V hydrodemolition robot, the ‘Ecosilnece’ 3.0 high pressure pump unit, the ‘Ecoclear’ 2.0 wastewater treatment system and the ‘Ergo’ compact hydrodemolition system.

Aquajet will also provide advanced training focused on maximising the productivity and results users can achieve with the equipment. The events are geared for Aquajet customers and distributors as well as companies exploring the hydrodemolition method and equipment.

“The best way to understand the capabilities is to see the equipment in action,” said Aquajet CEO Roger Simonsson. “These events are a way for customers to see the technology we’ve developed to address the problems they encounter on jobsites and how all our products – from the robot and high pressure pump to water treatment – work together. We’re pleased to take our equipment and training on the road this year.” 

Stops are scheduled for the 26 and 27 April at Brokk Germany Headquarters in Friedenweiler, Germany and from the 26 to 28 April at the Brokk Inc. /Aquajet Demonstration and Repair Centre in St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S.A.. The daily schedule for the events is:

09:00    Welcome

10:30    Introduction and demonstration of Ergo Go and Ecosilence 3.0

12:30    Lunch

13:30    Hydrodemolition with the new ‘Infinity’ oscillation system

14:00    Introduction and demonstration of Aqua Cutter 750V and Ecoclear 2.0

16:00    Summary of the day

19:00    Dinner

Those interested in registering should send an email with the date they plan to attend. Details will be emailed by return.

Europe: RSVP to Nicole Bock:

North America: RSVP to Keith Ramshaw:

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