Ashine Shining like a diamond

Published 24/4 at 12:17

PDi Magazine met with Ashine Diamond Tools’ president Richard Deng to talk about the company’s latest offerings as well as the brand new 30,000m2
factory which is soon to be inaugurated.

Established in 1993, the Xiamen based manufacturer Ashine Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. initially started out as a manufacturer of concrete grinding tools. In 1995, the company changed its core business to diamond grinding, adding floor polishing to the roster in 2004. Today, the company offers a variety of tools de-signed for surface preparation, concrete grinding and polishing, edging and stone restoration. At the latest edition of bauma, the manufacturer introduced some of brand new offerings.


Ceramic pads and ceramic cup wheels

Ashine introduced new ceramic bond pads at bauma which are transitional pads bonded with diamonds and ceramic powder, being suited for the quick removal of scratches left by metal bond tools. Ashine also presented the third generation of its ceramic cup wheels for transitional grinders and handheld angle grinders. The cup wheels are developed to combat a specific problem, namely grinding burn. “There is a common issue with ceramic cup wheels where the surface is scorched during continuous grinding for a prolonged period of time,” said Ashine’s president Richard Deng. “Depending on the scenario, these burns can affect efficiency and effectiveness, as well as cause diamonds to fall off. With our ceramic cup wheels, there is no burning so that the user can maintain continuous fast grinding.” Ashine continu-ally updates formulas, and tests efficiency to improve tool performance. Deng states that being designed for high efficiency, the cup wheels remove more material for each pass and leave a finer scratch pattern to save two to three steps of edge grinding work.


New factory, R&D and humanitarian work

In other news, Ashine has announced its brand new 30,000m2 factory, which is soon to be inaugurated. The new production facility has been built to increase production rates and volume, as well as provide stability in the production chain. Other plans for the future include training and strengthening of the research and development team; a procedure is being undertaken together with a consulting company.

The manufacturer is also an active supporter of several aid projects and non-governmental organisations; examples being rescue teams, water saving measures and suicide prevention. In one example, Ashine donated to the Made Blue Foundation, an entrepreneurial charity focusing on clean drinking water in developing countries. For every pad sold by Ashine, a portion of the proceeds went to Made Blue. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ashine has also provided face masks. Richard Deng concludes: “The reason for this is simply that I think companies should help others.”

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