Atlas facilitates ergonomic work environment

Published 2/12, 2020 at 15:04

With immediate effect, Atlas will feature ‘Grammer Actimo Evolution’ operator seats in its rail/road excavator models 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW as a standard feature.

The premise behind this qualitative improvement in the operator cabin has been to help in the prevention of operator back problems. For this reason, Atlas engineers integrated the seat development for excavators into the 21t and 19t models.


Secure and comfortable

The latest developments include foldable armrests with height and angle being adjustable. Active seat temperature control assures a comfortable working environment inside the excavator which is especially welcome during cold and wet weather. Pneumatic lumbar support facilitates security and personal comfort, whilst the seat cushion depth and angle can be adjusted.


Permanent electronic weight adjustment

The seat suspension is, of course, of the greatest importance. In this case, the compressor operated pneumatic suspension imparts the impression that the seat is ‘floating in the air’. The low frequency suspension stroke is 70/30mm with active weight adjustment for the suspension of the current operator which creates optimal ergonomic conditions for the operator. All this and other features and functions ensure that working in the 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW is not a strain for the operator, who is seated in the best possible way for working on an extremely comfortable seat. That way continuous work is easy on the back and reduces fatigue. The seat is in fact recommended by health insurance companies for operators with back problems. 

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