Attachment manufacturers choose to kick ass, not the bucket

Published 9/3 at 13:54

Despite governments’ best efforts to curb the pandemic, there are no clear signs that the current global crisis will be over any time soon. Under such unprecedented circumstances, the excavator attachment industry shows truly remarkable resilience. A number of manufacturers have reported their busiest start to a calendar year ever and there is no shortage of new products being launched onto the market. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports on the breaking news from the crusher and screening bucket sector.

 Allu pioneers ‘side by side’ crushing technique 

With a 30 year track record in producing crusher and screening buckets, Finland based Allu has pioneered a ‘side by side’ technique, which involves using both crusher and screening buckets on demolition sites. The technique was first tested on a job site in Finland, which is known for its harsh environment. At this particular site, 85% of the material was screened and partially crushed using an Allu Transformer DH 3-17 XHD screener-crusher bucket, with the leftover hard rock being crushed by an AC 25-37 crusher bucket. The Finnish manufacturer expects this percentage to be even higher in less severe ambient conditions. The debris - some 5,000t in total - resulted from the demolition of two two-storey residential buildings. At the time of the site visit, approximately 600t-700t of concrete waste was still to be processed. The amount of material fed through the screener-crusher bucket was much higher than that fed through the crusher bucket, with the goal of getting the fines out as accurately as possible by screening. Allu screener-crusher buckets currently feature a basic block type drum with a 75mm hammer, but the company is looking into using more durable and less expensive hammers to halve the cost and at least double the service life. 


 Heavy duty CBE series from Simex 

The CBE crusher buckets from Italy based trendsetter Simex feature a patented rotor system, which makes them suitable for heavy duty applications such as processing of demolition waste. The toothed rotor activated by the high displacement radial piston hydraulic motors in direct drive generates a very high crushing force. A special valve allows the shaft to automatically invert the rotation of the drum when the material, due to hardness or size, cannot be immediately crushed, maximising the crushing force. The shafts on the CBE series are first forged and then cold worked by numerical control centres until they reach required sizes and tolerances. Such a production technique lends itself to more hardness and reliability for this crucial component, which is continuously subject to dynamic stresses during operation. The teeth are wear resistant thanks to special anti-wear treatment. The CBE series is available in five models, ranging from the smallest CBE 10, with an operating weight of 880kg and a bucket capacity of 0.40m³, to the biggest 4.6t CBE 50 boasting a 1.80m³ bucket, to fit 8t to 55t excavators. Last but not least, the buckets’ functionality is unaffected by the presence of light or deformable materials such as wood, soil or mud. 


 MB buckets help customers create new revenue streams

A crusher bucket is an extremely versatile tool that can be used in multiple applications, road construction being one of them. One of the challenges that the road building industry faces on a daily basis is the high costs of hauling and disposing of removed pavement. A crusher bucket, mounted on a carrier of any size and brand, helps overcome this problem. Any asphalt, bitumen or old sidewalk can be crushed down to the required size for immediate reuse, such as base material for a new road. Road building specialists from different parts of the world report the successful application of MB crusher buckets on their projects. A Chile based contractor operated an MB-L200 crusher bucket to recycle material to re-use as sub base, thus generating new material in no time and at zero cost. In Brazil, a company took delivery of a BF70.2 crusher bucket to reclaim asphalt. The landing strips at Reykjavik airport were rebuilt by using the old asphalt as a base material, thanks to a BF70.2 crusher bucket. 


 VTN Europe presents five model crusher bucket range 

Another Italian player, VTN Europe, has a five model range of crusher buckets for its customers to choose from. Fitting 12t to 55t carriers, the FB series features adjustable size settings for crushing material from 18mm to 130mm, an eccentric moving jaw system and an interchangeable crushing jaw kit. Driven by a powerful piston motor, the FB buckets have a centralised greasing system and come fitted with an electromagnet as an optional extra. 


 Xava Recycling: screen it like you mean it  

Xava Recycling is a relatively new player from Austria that focuses on manufacturing compact electric driven vibrating screens. Established in 2014 by Stefan Löss, who has an extensive background in mechanical engineering, specifically in crushing and screening machinery, Xava has experienced exponential growth in recent years. In 2020, the Austrian company purchased 6,000m2 of land to build its own manufacturing facilities and a large ‘demo-park’ for machine testing. The construction work is currently underway and slated for completion this year. Xava’s latest addition to its product portfolio is the LS14X vibrating screen designed primarily for gardening and landscaping applications. Drawing power from a standard 230V socket, the LS14X can also operate from a 220V outlet. This versatile machine allows screening of a wide variety of materials ranging from compost and soil to wood chips and gravel using different types of mesh. The processed material is ready for immediate re-use. Thanks to a purely electric drive system, there is no risk of site contamination by oil spilled from ruptured hydraulic hoses. The screen is easy to move around by using a lifting device or chains. Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, the LS14X fits in a regular car trailer. The introduction of the LS14X brings the current number of standard models in the range to five, with tailor made screens also available from the Austrian manufacturer. 


 Trevi extends an olive branch to a Greek customer  

The BVR series of screening buckets from Italy based Trevi Benne currently comprises of nine models ranging in operating weight from 110kg to 4.9t to fit 1.5t to 65t excavators. The buckets come with interchangeable perimeter kits that allow separation of the processed material in accordance with the required particle size. Weighing in at 2.5t, the BVR 19e model fitted on a Cat 330B excavator is being employed on a site in Aspropyrgos - just north of Athens - for the reclamation of stony soils to prepare the land for olive plantations. Both the perimeter and bottom nets are made in Hardox 400 steel with 80mm x 80mm dimensions to pick out and remove large stones. 


 Xcentric Ripper is on its A-game  

Xcentric Ripper International, based in the Basque country, has added the XS60 model to its XS range of screening buckets designed for 18t to 70t excavators. As with all other models in the XS range, this new attachment is a high performance rotating trommel type bucket. The highlights include a 12-sided polygonal trommel to shake the material up more efficiently, hexagonal profiled screening mesh for maximum yield and homogeneous screening; transmission between the main hydraulic motor and the trommel via a time belt for high torque and maintenance free operation; and the ‘Powerboost’ system that applies vibration to the rotating trommel for increased productivity. Since vibration is of a high frequency low amplitude kind, it does not affect the mechanical components of either the screener or excavator. Xcentric Ripper International’s XC range of crusher buckets was once awarded a ‘Accésit Smopyc’ prize in the category ‘Innovation on equipment, components and auxiliary resources’ at the Smopyc trade show in Zaragoza back in 2017. Following up on that accomplishment, the Spanish manufacturer has developed a new ‘Series A’ of maintenance free crushers, consisting of 12 models for 8t to 50t excavators. Compared to the forerunning series, the new buckets feature a different mechanical system and much simpler internal assembly. A new granulometry adjustment system offers a bigger choice of output sizes. The absence of a drain line in the hydraulic motors and the flow control valve make the attachments easily interchangeable between excavators, with a low risk of failure in case of poor hydraulic adjustment. The maintenance free power train increases machine reliability in the long term. The bucket can be fully opened, which makes jaw replacement very easy. 


 Meet ‘Gyru-Star’ compact screening systems  

UK based Wheatway Solutions specialises in designing and manufacturing of excavator attachments for the recycling industry. The company owns a number of brands, which include ‘Kustom Konnect’ (specialist interfaces), ‘Liftow’ (lifting and towing equipment) and Gyru-Star. The Gyru-Star compact screening systems are bucket type attachments used primarily for screening soil, compost and aggregates. They can be fitted on to excavators, tractors, telehandlers, compact loaders, wheeled or tracked loaders and skid steers, replacing a standard digging bucket. The company offers six ranges comprising of E, HE, HDX, MAX, L and SL suitable for 1t-30t excavators. Three different fragment kits are available for each model enabling customers to achieve the desired fragment size, with the options being: nominal 20-0mm, nominal 15-0mm and nominal 10-0mm.  The bucket shafts are packed with flexible polyurethane stars, which in operation rotate creating a rolling action, which keeps the material fluid. The bucket screens the material due to the rolling action agitating the material allowing the fines to fall through the gaps in the stars, with the gap size being different per fragment reduction kit.  

When employed in landscape renovation, the Gyru-Star screening buckets remove stones, vegetation and oversized particles to prepare the soil to be reused. Once screened, the topsoil can then be used to level out sports fields, pitches and gardens to create raised beds and improve the existing soil quality. The Gyru-Star buckets screen materials without crushing, which makes them suitable for pipeline and cable padding as there are no sharp stones or fragments in the screened material.  These compact screening systems can also be used to screen demolition waste before crushing. And last but not least, they are used to separate compostable and non-compostable items.  The latest addition to the Gyru-Star family is the ‘MAX buckets’. The new buckets boast a longer, wider cutting edge and non-stick floor. A special design makes it easier to pick up longer smaller piles of material, which is perfect for padding and backfilling where the buckets can screen directly into the trench. The range currently comprises of eight models. 


 Mantovanibenne features the MVR series 

The MVR series of screening buckets from Italy based Mantovanibenne is available in six sizes to fit 3t to 40t carriers. The attachment’s sturdy body is made of high resistance steel to protect the rotation motor and the screening basket. The support rollers are adjustable and keep the basket perfectly aligned with the rotation motor, thus avoiding stress on the moving parts. Different baskets sieves can be interchanged according to the type and dimension of the materials being separated. Baskets are available with hole size ranging from 30mm to 180mm. On a customer’s request, the bucket’s front edge can be equipped with teeth or blades. 

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