AUSA DR1001AHG provides reversible driving

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:25

AUSA is launching a new dumper which can be driven backwards as well as forwards.

It has a 10t payload and hydrostatic transmission, which will greatly increase the comfort and safety of the machine. All AUSA’s new compact industrial vehicles have been designed with technology, safety and efficiency in mind, with the company now presenting a new innovative concept.


Visibility and safety

Bidirectional driving provides greater safety for the driver thanks to excellent visibility and a comfortable driving position. This is achieved through a reversible driving position, which can be changed quickly and automatically without the need to turn the engine off. It also features the convenient ‘Hill Holder’ system, which engages the brake automatically when the driver lifts the foot off the accelerator pedal at a speed close to zero. Thanks to this, the dumper can stop on any slope easily and safely, allowing the operator to operate the unit and concentrate on handling the load.

Based on the design of the D601AHG, launched in 2018, which featured an innovative design and excellent electronic management, the new DR1001AHG also uses an advanced digital display. This shows all vehicle information in real time including speed, RPM, engine temperature, sensors, hour meter, etc., as well as an incident alarm. 


Cost effective efficiency

The DR1001AHG also features different automatic driving modes for improved fuel efficiency and optimal engine performance. The ‘Eco Mode’ system automatically regulates the engine's RPM for greater efficiency and lower consumption, whilst the ‘Transport Mode’ is activated when the machine requires higher speeds. Finally, a ‘SmartStop’ option turns off the engine when the machine is not being used and the optimum engine cooling conditions are met, helping to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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