B2W Software enhances estimating software change order management capabilities

Published 5/10, 2020 at 15:35

B2W Software is a provider of ‘heavy construction’ management software, recently announcing the enhancement of change order management capabilities within its ‘B2W Estimate’ application. New functionality now makes it easier and faster for estimators to add, modify and track change orders directly within an original estimate.

With the new B2W Estimate enhancements, construction estimators can create any number of new change orders associated with a base bid within the application. They can add items and activities from the B2W Estimate database, or copy, paste and adjust information from the base bid. Change orders appear as independent links within the B2W bid menu structure. “Our system allows B2W Estimate users to essentially handle change orders as estimates within estimates, keeping them uniform, organised and linked to the base bid,” explained Patrick Reitz, product manager for B2W Estimate.

Change orders are visible from bid pricing and distribution strategy tabs, allowing estimators to make adjustments separate from the base bid for individual change orders. Users can also lock the portion of the bid containing the change order once it has been accepted to prevent further modifications. With traditional approaches, change orders are stored and managed separately, isolated from the base bid and sometimes built with a different structure. Reitz explains, “This makes it very difficult to keep up with various change order versions and updates, keep them in sync with the base bid, and get an overall picture at any given point in the estimating process.”

Change orders are used by estimators to accommodate changes in the scope of a project identified after the original design is bid on or while construction is underway. Reitz points out that some contractors also use change orders in B2W Estimate to plan in advance for potential additional work that they envision on a project or to cost out several alternate methods for performing work for comparison. 

B2W Estimate provides centralised, up to date cost data and structures along with specialised functionality for heavy construction estimating and bidding. The intuitive, easy to use solution allows contractors to maximise accuracy and speed, focus more attention on strategy and win more bids at better margins.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, B2W Software empowers heavy civil construction companies to win more work and complete it more profitably. The company’s ‘One Plattform’ connects people, workflows and data and includes advanced, unified applications to manage estimating, scheduling, field tracking, equipment maintenance, eforms and business intelligence.

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