Baier aims to be the perfect partner for dry coring

Published 27/12, 2021 at 12:17

Baier has been producing high quality power tools for over 80 years.

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the company exports to over 65 countries, and considers itself to be a worldwide leader in quality and innovation, aiming to be a solution provider to professionals.  All its products are manufactured in house, and for professional dry coring, Baier offers a complete range. These include cordless socket sinkers and the ‘all you need’ solution BDB825 (up to ø160mm) as well as the professional dry coring solution BDB829 which has two gears up to ø250mm. The pure pro dry coring solution BDB 8295 goes up to ø300m. All these solutions have the common feature of the structured segment for dry coring in all materials, including concrete with rebar.

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