Baier delivers state of the art dry core drilling

Published 24/2, 2020 at 11:28

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, Baier has produced high quality power tools for over 80 years. The company now exports to over 60 countries and is said to be a worldwide leader in quality and innovation. As part of its offering, it has developed a dry coring system which dates back to late 2000. As dry coring has become more important, the properties of the Baier system have also become more important in providing satisfactory result in the shortest time.

Baier’s dry coring efficiency can deal with virtually anything it encounters and used with a quality vacuum cleaner, the unique soft impact system and the new Titanium 2.0 core bit, means that Baier machines can easily dry cut through concrete with rebar, granite and all kinds of natural stone. This has made the offering ideal for use on projects at nuclear power plants.  New releases for Baier’s offering includes the BDB 825  ø160mm and since April 2019 the two gear dry coring machine BDB 829 with a maximum diameter of ø250mm.

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