bauma, Demtech and Indian Demolition Association

Published 27/6, 2019 at 16:27

Life is slowly picking up again after bauma, but the German show is really energy consuming in many ways. It is a great show, indeed, but it demands a lot both in terms of time and money.

So let’s hope for ‘payback’ over the next three years. Many manufacturers have been struggling during the months before the show to finalise new products so they could be displayed at their booths. Some succeeded, some not. Some were brave enough to say that we aren’t showing any particular new machines or equipment at bauma as ‘we don’t follow that cycle’, but the majority in our industries brought new products to the show. 

The fact that bauma this year attracted over 620,000 visitors shows that it can be of major benefit to have something new to show at the exhibition, and this year’s bauma was indeed the best in many years, with more new developments and upgrades than ever before. This meant that attendance was higher than ever before, as was the number of exhibitors. PDi’s round up of the show is featured later in this issue, but there are some points and trends of this year’s bauma that are worthy of mention. This includes a focus on environmental aspects of equipment and services, both in terms of reducing negative emissions and the effect on the working environment. High cycle equipment is continuing to increase and are getting smaller, lighter and more powerful. Since Stihl launched the industry’s first battery powered cut off machines with diamond tools at bauma 2016, other manufacturers, such as Husqvarna, have followed with new battery powered machines launched at this year’s show. 

In conjunction with bauma, the IACDS association held a special networking event, which gathered a large number of industry professionals from all over the world. The winners of the IACDS Awards were also was named at this event, with more about that in a separate article in the magazine. On Sunday, the last day of bauma, IACDS held its annual meeting. There were a lot of points of interest on the agenda, but the biggest news is that the association has elected Michael Findeis as its new president. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Michael on his new position, and I am looking forward to working in close cooperation with him and the IACDS. Leaving president Julie White will remain on the board as vice president supporting Michael in his work. I would like to thank Julie for four great years of cooperation, and her very inspiring columns in this magazine. In this issue you can read columns from both Michael and Julie. 

As usual PDi Magazine had its own booth in the A1 hall at bauma, and this year the staff consisted of seven people. And I can say that the amount of news at this year’s show kept us busy all week. As an indirect result of bauma, I am happy to announce that PDi Magazine has been chosen as media partner for India’s first dedicated conference aimed at demolition concrete cutting, remediation and recycling. The conference is called Demtech, and will be held in Mumbai on 13 November this year at the Hotel Sahara Star. At the conference, India’s first demolition association will be inaugurated under the name of IDA (Indian Demolition Association). Organisers of the conference are IDA and PDi Magazine in cooperation with Riverbends Publishing. More information about Demtech and the IDA can be found later in this issue in a separate article, or on the websites and

Jan Hermansson

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