BAUMA greater than ever

Published 27/6, 2019 at 17:12

Held every three years in Munich, Germany, this year between 8-14 April, the 65th bauma broke records in visitor and exhibitor numbers. PDi reports.

Record 3,700 companies from 63 countries exhibited at this year’s bauma, with more than 620,000 visitors from over 200 countries attending (also a record). bauma is the biggest trade show in the world as well as the world’s leading construction machinery, building material, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment trade show. The number of visitors rose by about 40,000 compared to 2016, with more than 250,000 visitors coming from outside Germany, making bauma a truly international event. The top 10 visitor countries after Germany were Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland and Great Britain, with the show experiencing an increase in attendance from overseas visitors. Significant increases in international visitors from China, Australia and Japan were also evident, with more than 5,500 visitors coming from China alone. 

The total size of the show this year, counting inside booths and outside areas, was 614,000m2. For a trade journal such as PDi it was almost impossible to visit and talk to all the exhibitors of interest (though we did try our best!) using the entire week to cover as much as we could. Beginning with PDi 1 this year, we have published articles about the new products displayed at bauma, and we will continue to do so throughout the year. 

The recurring theme of the show was manufacturers’ on-going efforts to minimize their products’ negative environmental footprint. Achieving emissions reductions comparable to the US EPA Tier 4 Final Requirements was a milestone, rather than the end of a journey, as manufacturers are now tackling the European Union’s Stage V emission requirements, as well as local directives to minimize jobsite noise, dust and other emissions. Other major themes of importance evident at the show were improved working environment and safety.  

When it came to seeing concrete sawing and drilling equipment, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines, machines for dust and slurry containment and hydrodemolition, hall A1 was the place to visit. In general, it was the same companies exhibiting this year as in previous years. The large exhibitors such as Gölz, Dr Schulze, Cedima, Tyrolit, Husqvarna, Hilti, HTC, Hydrotec with Pentruder, and many more besides, were found more or less in the same locations as in previous years. This meant that the regular bauma visitor could easily find their favourite manufacturer.



Swedish manufacturer Dustcontrol is well known for its dust extractors and air cleaners. To bauma the company brought an interesting new development; a battery driven dust extractor called ‘DC BattVac’ for business users. Equipped with a HEPA H13 filter, the particular model was a prototype and Dustcontrol’s intention is to analyse the response from the market for a battery driven dust extractor. As far as PDi is aware this is the first battery driven dust extractor on the market at the time of going to press.


Dr. Schulze

The German diamond tool manufacturer Dr. Schulze launched a new floor-milling machine, DBF-380. This is an innovative and powerful floor-milling machine with 15kW electric motor, electro hydraulic feed drive (step less adjustable, speed forward and backwards), height adjustable handle and quick lowering mechanism. Due to its high power, this machine is particularly suitable for difficult milling jobs on hard concrete floors as well as for large scaled projects. The DBF-380 possesses dual functionality and can mill with a carbide drum of 350mm width, as well as cut with up to 30 diamond blades with up to a 380mm total width, and more than 30mm cutting depth.

The German company also presented its new 40+ and 50+ drill stands: the new 40+ drill stand allows vertical, horizontal (at any angle) and stitch drilling without the need of anchoring, as well as a hand held drill stand with support for increased stability and capacity. The 50+ telescopic drill stand has an expandable stanchion and drill column using hardened extension steel. This offers increased performance and flexibility enabling fast and ergonomic operation without the need for anchoring.



Scanmaskin brought the latest models from its new ‘World Series’ to the show. Additionally, the company also launched a new shot blaster, Ferox 300. Since grinding machines were introduced and became more popular, there have been fewer shot blasters on the market, but it now seems that a renaissance is underway. Additionally Scanmaskin also launched a new scarifier model at the show.



Tyrolit’s booth proved to be quite a magnet in hall A1, attracting many visitors. New products displayed included the WSE811-MKII wall saw, an extended assortment of the wall saw blade range with TGD technology, the new light and easy to use wall saw WSE1621 with ‘MoveSmart’ technology, a new wire saw WCU17 and the recently CE certificated wire saw WS30 to mention but a few. Tyrolit is also celebrating its 100th year in business, and to celebrate a new compact, dry cutting assortment for the construction industry was launched. Tyrolit also showed its new assortment of floor grinders, a new table saw and the new DRS250 core drilling system. 


Husqvarna Construction Products

Right next to the Tyrolit and the PDi Magazine’s booths was located Husqvarna Construction Products with an impressive display. PDi Magazine’s editor in chief, Jan Hermansson, met with Husqvarna Construction Products president Henric Andersson to talk about the new products, the company and its strategy. The full interview will be published in PDi 4. New products at the Husqvarna booth included the new series of ‘Z Edge’ diamond blades, a new battery driven power cutter K535i, a new power cutter K770 VAC, and the new floor grinder PG510. 

Some time ago Husqvarna also acquired Pullman Ermator, which has also extended its offering, with a new range of models shown at bauma. Husqvarna has also acquired the compaction and concrete placement division from Atlas Copco, and has now extended the range of compactors with the remote controlled articulated trench compactor LP9505. During bauma Husqvarna officially announced its strategic partnership with Ramirent, specifically regarding online connected products and Husqvarna Fleet Management.



Just next to Husqvarna was located Italian manufacturer Klindex which exhibited a wide range of machinery and tools for concrete floor grinding and polishing. One of the highlights was the ‘Expander 1000’ floor grinder with autopilot, which is Klindex’s biggest floor grinder to date. It is equipped with six heads that are counter rotating, is remote controlled, with the work pressure being adjustable and the speed being variable.



Hilti’s booth was filled with products to the last millimetre. With regards to products for the concrete cutting industry, Hilti displayed the ‘Smart’ series of concrete sawing systems, its latest wall saw, the Hilti DS-BG 80 with 'CutAssist', the power cutter Hilti DSH 600-X and a wide range of diamond tools. 



One of the leading suppliers of diamond wires is Widecut from Korea, and as usual, the company exhibited an extensive offering at bauma. The company proved to be a popular supplier at the show with many clients wanting to discuss their requirements, with the company displaying a wide range of various types of wires for different applications.



Schwamborn displayed examples from its wide range of concrete floor grinding and polishing machinery, planers, trowels and so forth. These perhaps showed the greatest levels of innovation, along with ‘Dustcontrols’. The latter is a battery powered dust extractor, being a new wall and ceiling grinding attachment for WDS 530 demolition robots. PDi 2 featured an in-depth look at this development. 



Superabrasive showed its new generation of electric and propane grinders called ‘Lavina Elite’. Ranging from 500mm to 965mm models, this features has redesigned frames for improved manoeuvrability and faster tool changes. The range, which was first shown at World of Concrete, also comes with dust proof grinding heads that protect internal components from dust and moisture, and integrated weights for adjusting grinding pressure. A new fine misting system suppresses dust particles from 0.1 to 1000microns, while the vacuum hose connection has been relocated closer to the dust source utilising a metal camlock attachment. 



Aquajet Systems AB exhibited ‘Aquajet Ergo’, a ground breaking new system for safe, effortless, and versatile industrial cleaning and hydrodemolition work. This is a completely new system that replaces all forms of hand lance work on floors, walls or ceilings. Furthermore, it’s perfect for hydrodemolition operations in confined areas and wherever a robot or other kinds of larger fixed hydrodemolition equipment won’t fit. At the heart of Aquajet Ergo is the advanced control unit, the ‘Ergo Controller’. It works together with its arms and legs with either a spring loaded high friction roller system, named ‘Ergo Climber’, or a flexible rail system called ‘Ergo Spine’. 

 A major feature of the Aquajet Ergo system is that every component can be handled, carried and transported by one person, with everything fitting in one small van or on a standard pallet, thanks to its design and the use of low weight materials. The dry weight of the control unit, Ergo Controller, is only 98kg, and none of the additional parts weigh more than 25kg. Aquajet Ergo can be delivered as a complete starter kit, with key system parts, such as Ergo Controller, Ergo Climber and Ergo Spine, being also available separately. The new ‘Ergo Power Head’, with Aquajet’s unique 45o lance angle and adjustable oscillation, was also on display.



The Danish manufacturer of vacuum cleaners V. Brøndum, introduced the new Ronda 1800H Power class-H dust extractor, which is available with Longopac collection system or with collection directly into a metal container. The company also presented the Ronda CF-502 pre-separator with cyclone effect. The built in cyclone enables the separation of up to 99% of the vacuumed material into the container of the pre-separator, meaning that only a very small part of the dust ends up in the vacuum cleaner. At the BAUMA V. Brøndum A/S, also introduced a new range of Negative Pressure Units consisting of the RONDA NPU 1250, RONDA NPU 2500 and RONDA NPU 5000. All three models are powerful, robust and easy-to-use machines designed for the construction industry.  Each unit is equipped with a large pre-filter as well as an effective HEPA-14 filter also with a very large filter surface which restrains the finest and most health-hazardous particles. A manometer showing the filter load is standard and on the two larger versions the air flow can be adjusted. It is possible to use all of the three new RONDA Negative Pressure Units in the room where you are working or to integrate the NPU’s in your dust wall. All three models have large wheels and 4 handles which make the RONDA NPUs easy to transport. 



Not far from its competitor, Conjet showed its many latest developments. The company displayed its  new interface and remote control box that is available for all 7 Series hydrodemolition robots. Furthermore, Conjet unveiled its new CWS620 water separation system, which is a new high pressure hand lance and the new PTS (parallel to surface) cutting head.



ICS introduced the new 536-E electric saw which is designed to cut concrete and ductile iron with a wide range of cutting depths (250mm, 300mm and 350mm). The new saw has a 220-240V/50-60Hz power source and weights 10kg. The integrated design is ergonomic and well balanced.  Furthermore, ICS launched the new ‘Cross-LINK’ diamond chain for faster cuts, longer life and smoother handling in pipe and concrete cutting. The Cross-LINK chain is engineered to perform straighter, delivering faster cuts, improved chain stability, increased cutting efficiency, reduced operator fatigue and time spent to tension the chain.


HTC Sweden AB

HTC, now part of Husqvarna, showed its new range of smaller floor grinders and dust extractors under the concept name of ‘Start & Grind’, which was announced at World of Concrete earlier this year. It is simple, robust, and easy to operate, with the entry level machines being especially suitable for floor preparation, being able to tackle anything from edge grinding to polishing medium sized surfaces. These machines have been engineered for use by anyone whose experience of floor grinding is limited, but wishes to get started right away. This makes them ideal rental equipment, with a special focus having been placed on ease of handling and transportation as well as user safety.



Blastrac presented several new machines this year, including the new Blastrac BMG-2200 large scale ride on floor grinder, designed for large horizontal surfaces, and the new Blastrac BMR-75D multitask vehicle. The latter can be fitted with several attachments, and is ideal for shot blasting or scarifying ship decks, parking garages, bridges, roads and warehouse floors. A new range of single phase dust collectors equipped with an M or H class certified Longopac bagging system for small and large jobsites was also unveiled. A new range of cyclone cleaning trucks engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than other UHP water blasting technologies was also on display.


Hydrotec with Pentruder

Hydrotec and Pentruder exhibited with a large booth located in the south east corner of the hall A1 showing both companies’ full ranges of equipment. One could say that the real concrete cutting enthusiasts could be found at this booth, being able to really appreciate high quality and advanced concrete cutting technology. Pentruder showed off its latest developments, including the RS2 and announced a new generation of machines that will combine a more compact size, lighter weight and delivering more power.

Kaskod develops Cuttronix distribution channel

In one of the small booths along the western wall of hall A1, the Estonian company Kaskod exhibited. Kaskod develop what they call embedded and mechatronic systems, and displayed its new line of high cycle drill motors and wire saws. These are compact, lightweight and powerful, and resemble the Pentruder line, of which, chief executive officer of the company, Gennardy Sadovnikov, says that the similarity is due to Kaskod’s previous cooperation with Tractive (the owners of Pentruder). Kaskod also announced that it is in the process of setting up an international distributorship channel for its Cuttronix range, and has already started to sell its products in Europe and USA. Dimitry Soliterman is the representative in the US.

There were of course other companies exhibiting in hall A1 worthy of mention in terms of new products. Due to space limitations in this issue we will have to come back to these developments later in the year. These manufacturers included: Dustcontrol, Gölz, Cedima, Lissmac, Dr Fritsch, Heger, Klingspor, Otto Baier, AGP, Eibenstock, Ashine, Diatop, Adamas, Ehwa Diamond, Braun, Airtec, Brøndum, Weka, Janser, Hycon, Contec, T.D.B.S, Solga, Kern Deudiam, Eurodima, Heylo, Diamantwerk and Wakra, to name but a few.


Otto Baier 

Since 1938, Maschinenfabrik Otto Baier GmbH, headquartered in Asperg, close to Stuttgart, Germany, has manufactured power tools for coring, channel cutting, mixing and sawing. Baier now offers a broad range of solutions for daily work challenges, called ‘Solutions for leaders’. The product range is sold and distributed in over 60 countries, enabling global customers to benefit from Baier’s technical know-how and many years of experience. The continuous enhancement process of the ‘made in Germany’ Baier products helps to ensure that many more products are set to come. 80% of each product is manufactured in-house, with a quality control process for each machine, even those being serviced.  Baier is innovation-driven since the very beginning of manufacturing history, with one of the latest enhancements being the BDN511, a new guide and the pointer. The new pointer will ease the control of the cut, and can be mechanically adjusted to the precise location required. 


Imcoinsa flaunts its latest compressors 

Spain-based Imcoinsa is a family-owned company that has been manufacturing machinery for construction, forestry and automotive industries since 1985. The main highlight of Imcoinsa’s booth at Bauma was its latest series of compressors – the company’s flagship product. The new compressors come equipped with a high-performance head, boasting cast iron cylinders for improved resistance to high temperatures and wear, and a cooled collector. The metallic protection mesh allows frontal access to the compressor, which leads to increased robustness and safety. The machines are complete with a set of anti-vibration rubber-metal silent blocks, an outlet tap and Teflon tape.


Other halls and outdoor areas

The majority of heavy duty demolition and recycling equipment manufacturers were located in other halls and the outdoor area.


Trevi Benne

Trevi Benne had a packed booth with a large variety of different types of demolition attachments for cutting, crushing and pulverizing including the MA25 and FR75RD.


VTN Europe

VTN Europe showed a large number of demolition attachments including its new quick coupling system for hydraulic attachments, VTN ‘Link-o-matic’, which was featured in PDi 1-2019.



Epiroc unveiled several new and updated demolition tools at bauma. The major announcement was the launch of a new range of bucket screeners, BS 1600 and BS 2200, with service weights of 1,710kg and 2,450kg respectively, bringing to customers in the recycling and rock excavation business a complete solution. The two sizes are aimed for carriers between 18t to 38t, and are manufactured with a high resistant steel construction that ensures a longer lifetime in harsh working environments.

Amongst other development was a new combi cutter CC 1600, which is designed for carriers in the 13t to 23t classes. The stable cutter body features two powerful hydraulic cylinders with integrated speed valves for minimum cycle times and, in turn, minimum fuel consumption. New pulveriser jaws for the CC 3100 Combi Cutter were announced, with more models set to follow during Q2 2019. The Pulveriser jaws offer more applications within one cutter body, with the utilization of the cutter thereby being increased. 

Eprioc has redesigned its MG multi grapple range to make it even more robust. This to meet the increasing demands from customers facing tougher jobsite conditions and higher utilisation of grapples in day to day work. Finally a new cutting wheel option is available for the ER/ERC 50 – ER/ERC 3000 transverse drum cutters for precision cutting narrow trenches for cables or pipes with a width of 55mm to 250mm, and a depth ranging from 150mm (ER/ERC 50) up to 700mm (ER/ERC 3000).



The Dutch manufacturer of demolition tools presented several new products including the DCC-30 and DCC50 cylinder concrete crushers. The first model is suitable for excavators between 20t to 35t, having a jaw opening of 1,150mm, whereas the DCC-50 is for machines between 35t to 55t with a jaw opening of 1500mm. Demarec also presented two new scrap shears,  DXS-40 DXS-50. The first model has been developed for excavators weighting 25t to 32t, whilst the DXS-50 is for 35t and 50t models.

Amongst other items of interest was a multi-quick processor, MQP-30, which is equipped with two rotation motors with shock valves for extra rotation power, having a very advantageous power to weight ratio and a large jaw opening.  The DRG-27 heavy duty demolition and sorting grab, which is suitable for machines with a weight from 20t to 30t, is characterised by the powerful closing strength and the robust construction of the yoke, which has a box frame with wide pivot points. The DMS05 multi shear is flexible and multifunctional being suitable for use with midi excavators thanks to the mechanical change system and a wide range of jaws.


Avant Tecno

Avant Tecno’s latest development is the Avant 800 series, which is now the company’s most powerful loader, being able to lift 1,900kg up to 3.5m. The new series also has compact dimensions: 1.5m width, 3.4m length and 2.2m height. The new lift ‘Leguan 135 Neo’ is built on an entirely new platform making it more user friendly, with all operations being handled with a single joystick, which simplifies and widens the use of the lift’s boom. It also has a lower and narrower profile than its predecessor with service friendliness being integrated into the design.


Arden Equipment

The AIO 50 is the latest all hydraulic quick hitch from Arden Equipment. This attachment is designed for the quick coupling of excavators with various hydraulic attachments such as tilt ditching buckets, Arden tiltrotors, sorting and demolition grabs, or even hydraulic concrete crushers as well as concrete and metal shears.  It allows instant and direct hydraulic connection from the cab, with hydraulic hoses connecting simultaneously within ten seconds, fitting excavators from 20t to 26t. 

The company has also launched the CU042 demolition shear that replaces the CU3500. This new development has an identical weight as its predecessor, but is more efficient thanks to its more powerful cylinders and new kinematics.  The CU042 has 17% more power and a jaw opening width increased by 18%, being designed for carriers ranging from 38t to 50t. Also shown at bauma was the CU008 which is a new demolition shear designed for excavators from 11t to13t. This completes Arden Equipment’s range of demolition shears, which now covers all excavators from 2t to 70t. 



During bauma the Italian manufacturer held a press conference at its booth. Indeco’s marketing director, Michele Vitulano presented a number of new developments including the HP 100 micro breaker, IMP multiprocessor, the rotating pulveriser IPR 5, and a new range of hydraulic mulching heads.



The manufacturer showed a number of the models including the new ‘Genesis Razer’ GRX 395 which weighs as shear variant 4,760kg, and as breaker 4,880kg. The jaw opening as a shear is 610 mm and as a breaker 1,143 mm being suitable for carriers around 40t.



Furukawa had a large booth outdoors showing a wide variety of hydraulic equipment including its rock drilling range. New from Furukawa were two models in the FXJ series, the FXJ 225 and FXJ 1070.


Brokk and Darda

Outdoors, Brokk and Darda shared a large area together with Kinshofer and Demarec that also are part of the Lifco Group. Brokk launched their new Brokk 70 robot and Darda two new crushers, CC580 and CC 440.



Volvo took the chance to display its new high reach excavator. 



The very busy OilQuick booth exhibited the company’s latest developments including the new ‘Front Pin Guide’ (FPG), the new monitoring system ‘OQ-LockSupport’ (OQLS), a new fall protection system OQSH, and the mechanical look indicator, MRL.



Riedelberger showed a new quick coupling solution for hydraulic attachments.



Another manufacturer of hydraulic quick connectors, Steelwrist, used bauma to release two new models, SQ65 and SQ70/55. Another development announced was the new electrical connector for SQ couplers and work tools, the V14, a robust 14 pole connector that can be retrofitted into existing SQ and OQ type couplers and work tools. 



At this year’s bauma, Frutiger presented its latest developments, including its MobyDick® ‘New Generation’ models of water cannon for dust control. In addition, the proven MobyDick® wheel washing systems, as well as solutions for the automatic cleaning of heavily soiled construction machines were exhibited.The New Generation models of the water cannon line for dust control is based on a system developed in collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), supported by the Innovation Promotion Agency of the Swiss Confederation. The innovative models have a range of functions that is unique. The 3060 and 3090 models have a throw distance, power consumption and noise emissions, as well as the amount of water used, that can be adapted precisely to the operating conditions. The high performance cone developed with the ZHAW ensures efficient operation with water being able to be sprayed either through the nozzle ring (large area) or the nozzle head (concentrated). The droplet throw can thus be adapted to the respective operating conditions, proving ideal for demanding applications with throwing distances between 10m and 90m. 

In addition to the above, and the well-known k wheel washing systems, Frutiger also presented its solutions for cleaning heavily soiled construction machines. This still new product area (demucking) met with great interest at bauma, with numerous operators of large construction machinery fleets showing great interest in the automated solution.

At its 16th participation at bauma, Frutiger clearly underlined its worldwide leading role in the field of wheel washing systems, dust control and demucking. It is particularly pleasing that this year’s show is one of the most successful trade fairs in the history of the Swiss company. Frutiger would like to thank the numerous visitors and looks forward to welcoming visitors again at next year’s Conexpo in Las Vegas, IFAT and Steinexpo.



German based attachment specialist Konverma unveiled a new generation of heavy duty multiprocessors at bauma. The HCM series fits 8t to 50t excavators, with the multiprocessors being available in three variants depending on the jaw type. These consist of the HCM-M multi-function jaw, HCM-C combi jaw and HCM-S scrap metal jaw, with a quick mounting system allowing the changing of the jaws within just 1h. All HCM models feature hydraulic rotation, Gerotor hydraulic motors and robust four point ball bearings. All machine parts that come in contact with the material being processed are made of Hardox 400-450 and 500 steel, with the oversized joints being well greased to ensure the long service life of all pins and bushings.



Lissmac released a hybrid joint cutter (floorsaw) at Bauma. There are a number of advantages with a hybrid joint cutter. The efficiency of a diesel electric joint cutter is much higher than a diesel hydraulic variant. Thus, a diesel drive engine with a power level lower can be used to achieve the same output power on the cutting shaft (75kW compared to 55kW). By using a 55 kW engine, a complex exhaust after treatment with ‘Add Blue’ can be dispensed with. Reducing diesel engine power further reduces fuel consumption and other associated costs. The environment benefits thanks to the motor generator principle which enables the joint cutter to generate electricity. The response times of electrical components when compared to hydraulic components are significantly shorter, allow a better control mode, and make the application easier and more comfortable for the user.

The hybrid technology has been successfully used previously in shipbuilding for many years, but has been adapted by Lissmac and modified accordingly. The hydraulics have been replaced by an electrical system with components that are more efficient, with an additional liquid cooling system enabling efficient and long lifetime. The hybrid replaces an equivalent 75kW hydraulic joint cutter with its 55kW solution, delivering improved cutting performance and cost efficiency. It is also able to tackle more applications, and can be used as a pure electric joint cutter in indoor areas. The generator function also allows the operation of other construction equipment, such as drills, electric joint cutters, wall saws and wire saws, etc., with a connected load of 43.5kW or a maximum current consumption of 6A.

The last two years has seen Lissmac develop its diesel electric joint cutter, with many components having been electrified: hence the electric cutting head is easier to control and also has a particularly high load rigidity. In addition, the electric drive reacts even faster to load changes during cutting, such as when cutting reinforcement in concrete. The use of an electric drive enables the drive wheels to be independently powered and controlled, whereby the speed of each wheel is adjustable. When driving curves, the speed of the outer wheels increases automatically in relation to the inner wheels, which reduces the speed to protect drive, tyres as well as the ground, e.g. when cutting fresh concrete. 

Finally, a completely electrically driven suction unit consumes less driving power due to its enhanced efficiency. In addition to that, the speed of the suction turbine can be adapted to the required suction capacity, respectively to each application, which consumes only as much energy as is actually necessary.


MB Crusher

 “With this new machine, we pushed our boundaries: it is packed with innovative features and technology. After years of testing, we are thrilled to launch it onto the market, so that it can benefit the professionals and companies for whom it has been created.” Said Diego Azzolin, production director of MB Crusher, announcing the new generation of shaft screeners. “The new MB-HDS series is radically different from all the other systems available on the market. It has been designed to be a real wild card: it can adapt to a range of different working environments and can select different types of materials with unprecedented simplicity and speed, without the need for a specialist or special training.

“Since 2001, when we patented our first crusher bucket, MB Crusher has evolved while remaining true to its purpose which is to facilitate the work on site and to make it competitive, self-contained and profitable. What professionals, companies and users want is to be able to work continuously, without interruptions for maintenance and to facilitate the processing of materials, which can be very expensive. Over the years we have fulfilled these fundamental requirements, with innovative machines which turn waste materials into opportunities, a key element for many companies nowadays. Today we take a further step forward with the MB-HDS shaft screener line.”

This is the latest development from the Italian company, with the MB-HDS shaft screener having the ability to adapt to different types of work and different materials. It’s the ideal solution for those who have to process different kind of waste rubble, which can quickly be turned into re-usable and profitable material. The innovative MB-HDS screening bucket is available in four models with shafts suitable for different material selection requirements. As with all MB Crusher machines, they can be easily installed on excavators, diggers, mini diggers and loaders (from 5t to 35t) in order to easily access and move around work sites, construction sites, areas containing large pipelines, towns or remote agricultural areas. 

Changing of the rotary shafts can be carried out anywhere, having a centralised greasing system with all maintenance tools being located inside a compartment of the shaft screener. However, these are not the only innovations, as the new generation MB-HDS also takes care of the machine on which it is installed. An engineered automated shock absorbing hydraulic system reduces the discharge so that the engine, transmission components and the machine boom do not suffer any damage, thereby preserving machinery life expectancy and reducing maintenance costs.



The innovative PistonPower cartridge amplifier enables OEMs to design hydraulic systems at pressure levels below 200bar, even on very large scale off highway machinery. It is integrated directly into the machine and amplifies the pressure in the cylinder. This means that the diesel engine can always run at an optimum level, therefore helping to lower fuel consumption.  All vehicles in the off highway industry can benefit from the integrated PistonPower cartridge amplifier in the cylinder, with the technology enabling vehicles to operate without having a centralized high pressure hydraulic system.  PistonPower’s bespoke solution is generating particular interest in the demolition sector.

Traditional designs using a centralized hydraulic system distribute high pressure system flow to each function on the machine. Increasingly higher force and power than ever before are required with the central system being normally designed to be able to reach the ‘corner point’ of performance on any function on the machine. In most working cycles, a hydraulic system reaches this corner point in a single digit percentage of the power cycle, and yet the diesel engine and its complete system must be built and designed for high pump and main system pressure so that it remains capable of reaching the corner point at any time. This increases energy consumption and cost because of the need for high pressure system components that require more maintenance. 

The PistonPower cartridge amplifier is integrated in the cylinder without the need for external connector hoses. It allows pressure and force to be increased while reducing the size and weight of the machine, which can therefore be leaner and more agile. Using pistons with different surface areas is a basic and a well-known way of improving pressure amplification. What makes the cartridge Amplifier unique is that it has the amplification pistons, the necessary activation valving, as well as a unique bypass flow and over centre valve, all installed in a small compact unit. This unit contains the complete system, ready to install in a hydraulic cylinder with the PistonPower high pressure cartridge amplifier being the only solution on the market available as a single unit cartridge.



The brand new Remax 200 from SBM, showed at Bauma, successfully uses superior impact crusher technology and an electric/diesel-electric drive system in the 20t class. Based on existing SBM technology, the combination of innovative design and the use of high quality components has seen the Remax range develop an excellent reputation in the market. Now SBM has used the same know how to produce a powerful compact class crusher for quarries and construction material recycling featuring some of SBM’s latest developments.  

Even the compact class of tracked mobile processing has shown the need for the use of electric drive systems. With 50 years of experience, SBM has been a pioneer in the development of diesel electric or fully electric options on its equipment. The Austrian company has now developed its existing technology with a ‘future oriented’ drive option as a feature in its 22t compact class crushers. 

Based on its drive concept, SBM now offers clear practical advantages regarding the operational control of the plant. As with the ‘big’ impact crushers of the Remax series, the rotor is turned without a clutch by an electric motor. The resulting constantly fully electronic control of the crusher chamber ensures high production capacity due to the continuously load dependent control of material flow and feed material quantity. The discharge chute is another unique characteristic of the compact 200 series (within its class), as in contrast to a discharge conveyor, this chute is an essential feature ensuring trouble free processing, especially beneficial with challenging recycling tasks. 

In addition to technical developments, ease of use is now an essential customer requirement. SBM now offers one of the industry’s latest developments for its new Remax 200. The compact impact crusher is said by SBM to be the first mobile plant in its class supported by an ‘app’ for iOS and Android. This facilitates the effective evaluation of production data including error analysis and tracking, as well as service planning and spare part orders. Additionally, there is the new smartphone based intuitive operating concept called ‘SBM Crush Control’ with fully integrated telemetry.



Simex displayed, among others, their range of wheel saws at Bauma. The range presently covers requirements for trenching widths from 30mm to 250mm and depths down to 800mm. Thanks to the patented solutions and power of the wheel saws, they cut a clean and precise trench that won’t damage the adjacent pavement, so avoid degrading the excavated material and consequently the mechanical characteristics of the backfill. The RWS 400 was designed to meet the need for making cuts with a minimum curve radius of 5m, and thanks to a steering system controlled by the operator, the RWS 400 can perform a precise ‘cut and do it’ in less time. This wheel saw does not have to be repetitively taken out of the trench and repositioned to make the trench in segments so that it follows the curved shape of the road, and can create the trench according to the specific requirements of the project. 

With the introduction of the new RWS 400, the RW range now comprises three different models (RW 500, RWA 500, RWS 400) that cover a broad spectrum of applications. Designed for cutting and set section trenching of various types, these wheel saws are especially valuable when creating trenches and mini trenches for the installation of fibre optic networks. The three models have common characteristics that make them very productive, reliable and capable of achieving high productivity and flexibility when excavating asphalt and concrete surfaces, as well as rocky surfaces. 



Promove chose one of the most prestigious events in the construction world to celebrate its 30th anniversary – bauma 2019 – enjoying a hugely successful show.

Great interest was shown by operators in Promove’s offering at the Munich exhibition, especially its new products, in particular the multi kit FMK 2000, which is equipped with an innovative system for changing jaws, which can now be replaced directly on the job site in few minutes. Proving to be no less of interest was the new CF130, a 1,300kg fix pulveriser, with a mobile jaw made of three rows of two teeth. The central jaw is staggered and lowered for the other, thus allowing more power and more crushing capacity. Its compact design, with a total length of only 1.7m, allows easy manoeuvrability, making it highly suited for different demolition operations.   A single compact block without any welding between body and fixed jaw, entirely made of Hardox 400, gives greater robustness to the pulveriser.

 bauma proved to be a great opportunity for the Promove Team to establish relationships with new and existing customers, as well as enter new markets. The participation and the engagement with visitors at its stand saw the largest ever numbers come to see Promove’s solutions based on reliability and innovation.

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