BDB 8295 – Dry Coring until ø300mm (diameter 12”)

Published 10/5, 2021 at 15:22

Baier produces high quality power tools since over 80 years. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, Baier exports in over 60 countries, is a worldwide leader in quality and innovation, a solution bringer to the professional.

“Baier is the world leading manufacturer for dry coring solutions. Next to the BDB825 with a maximum diameter of 160mm, the BDB829 with a maximum diameter of ø250mm, we offer the new BDB8295”, says Baier general manager Thomas Schwab. BDB8295 is a purely drill stand guided dry coring machine with a high torque and optimal rpm. “After endless successful tests, we can now really claim that this is a solution that will revolutionize the market. I am looking forward to the next bauma. We are going to rock it. The BDB 8295 has an enormous torque. Our engineers have succeeded in a true piece of hussars in the field of power transmission,” adds Schwab. The maximum range is up to 300mm+ (12”+) in dry drilling. Titanium II is the optimal combination for this solution for leaders. New target groups now have opportunities that have been previously denied.

Professionals have tested the BDB 8295 for the final release which included more than 500 holes per machine. The broad test range was executed in different kind of stones, like nuclear power plants. The longest core hole was 1,8m (6 feet) of length with a cutting time of 45 minutes in the hardest stone.

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