Benefits of having hydraulic equipment on service vehicles

Published 2/12, 2020 at 15:14

When there is a need for several forms of energy on worksites, such as electricity, high pressure water and compressed air, hydraulic equipment offers a number of advantages, especially for service vehicles.

As well as providing an excellent power to size ratio, extra load space is created for tools and equipment. 

When there is source of electric power on-board, a service vehicle, electric tools and equipment may be used at worksites. Since the hydraulic generator is always ready to use, it enables work to start immediately with no need for dragging large diesel generators to the worksite. As they are maintenance free, there is also no need to be concerned with servicing due to the advanced technology used. All that is required is a connection between the hydraulic generator to the hydraulics of the service vehicle. When using quick couplings, connecting the pressure hose and tank hose takes only a few seconds, with Dynaset hydraulic generators producing single and three phase electricity allowing the use of lights, electric tools and to charge batteries. 


Effective washing

High pressure water solutions helps to work efficiently when, for example, washing and cleaning, with high pressure water having low water consumption. Everyday pressure washing is easy to do when the easily connected compact and light weight equipment is on-board and ready to use. When used for cleaning, Dynaset high pressure pipe cleaning units make working life easier thanks to their simple and robust design. The compact size of the units allows installation of an additional water reservoir on a van or truck, with the small hydraulic equipment size leaving room for other hydraulic equipment such as a hydraulic generator or tools.


Powering pneumatic tools

Compressed air is another source of power which is commonly used at worksites and on service vehicles. When there is a need for air flushing, the use of pneumatic tools or inflating tyres on site, a hydraulic compressor on-board is a great asset. It can make work easier thanks to its compact size and light weight being easily installed in a van with room left for other equipment. 


PTO enables the use of hydraulic power

When purchasing a van or truck to be used as a service vehicle, the best option is to equip it with factory installed PTO, also known as ‘power take off’. By installing a hydraulic pump, hydraulic equipment may be used enabling more efficient working. Quite often though, a van or truck doesn’t include a factory installed PTO. That is not a problem anymore, as PTO can be installed afterwards to provide the use of hydraulic equipment. Dynaset has created a PTO guide which will help provide more information about this subject and can be downloaded from the company website.

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