Big toys for lockdown boys

Published 10/5, 2021 at 14:23

In late April, an announcement came that bauma has been confirmed for October 2022. That’s probably the best piece of news the construction industry has heard since the beginning of the pandemic. As the world’s biggest trade show, bauma is widely expected to have a healing effect on international business. There is no doubt that visitors to the Messe München will be greeted with a veritable deluge of new machines and tools. And there is also little doubt that most of the demolition excavators presented in this feature will be on display in Munich. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

 Doosan to add third model to high reach demolition range 

Doosan Infracore Europe is about to launch the DX380DM-7, the third model in the company’s new high reach demolition range, joining the existing DX235DM and DX530DM excavators introduced last year. The machine features a high visibility 30o tiltable cab, which is particularly suited to high reach demolition applications. The maximum pin height of the demolition boom on this model is 23m. The DX380DM-7 retains a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which extends to a maximum width of 4.37m for enhanced stability. The width of the undercarriage can be retracted hydraulically to 2.97m for transportation. The adjusting mechanism is based on a permanently lubricated, internal cylinder design, which minimises resistance during movement and helps prevent damage to components. Like all Doosan demolition excavators, standard safety features include a FOGS cab guard, safety valves for the boom, intermediate boom and arm cylinders and a stability warning system. A modular boom design and hydraulic lock mechanism enhance the machine’s flexibility. This multi boom design facilitates an easy change between a demolition boom and an earthmoving boom to accomplish different types of work on the same site. It also allows the earthmoving boom to be mounted in two different ways. A special stand is supplied to facilitate the boom changing operation. A cylinder based system is used to push the locking pins into place to help complete the procedure. When equipped with the digging boom in the straight configuration, the DX380DM-7 can work to a maximum height of 10.43m.


 German specialist chooses Sennebogen 830 E for selective demolition  

When demolition and recycling specialist Brandhuber Transporte GmbH started a major deconstruction project in the historic part of Straubing's ducal city last December, the company did not have to go far looking for the right equipment, with the Sennebogen’s headquarters located only 2km away from the jobsite. The project involved selective demolition of three buildings over a period of four weeks using a Sennebogen 830 E excavator. With an engine power of 168kW and 360° operational capability, the 45t machine effortlessly pulled down the four storey former residential buildings one after the other and sorted construction debris into allocated containers right on site. Company managing director Manfred Brandhuber commented on the project and the machine’s performance: “For us, selective dismantling means removing material in a controlled and safe manner. Normally, we rely on earthmoving equipment, but it simply didn't offer us the necessary high reach for this job. Since Sennebogen is located virtually around the corner, the 830 E demolition excavator was readily available for us to rent. The elevating and tilting cab is really a practical feature for comfortable demolition. That's good for my neck because I can work in a natural posture and at the same time enjoy a clear view of my attachment.” The 4.5m wide telescopic undercarriage, in particular, contributes to the stability of the excavator. Brandhuber continues: “Today, we were removing the roof of the building. First, we grabbed the chimney at a height of 15m, moved it to the ground in one piece, disassembled the roof’s remaining elements and loaded bricks, metals or wood into the various containers for subsequent recycling.” The machine’s stability and 360° capability were crucial for Brandhuber, because the endless upper carriage rotation eliminates time consuming repositioning manoeuvres. Brandhuber adds: “Fast support is important to me, as I depend on the functionality of jobsite equipment. That's why I really appreciate the personal contact with Sennebogen and the resulting short lines of communication.” 


 Straight boom transforms the Volvo EC380E into demolition monster  

Fitted with a 7m long straight boom and a purpose made arm, the new Volvo EC380E model does away with the traditional ‘boom and stick’ approach of digging oriented excavators, with the extra-long straight boom providing significant height and reach advantages over conventional machines. The cab is protected against falling debris by a frame mounted falling objects guard. The roof and one piece front windows are made from P5A glass, resistant to high impacts. Night visibility is aided by standard LED lights on both the boom and platform, with additional light options available for the cab and counterweight. The machine also comes with a few specific features that are valuable in demolition applications. These include the X1 and X3 auxiliary piping; a quick fit and oil drain line and water lines that are connected to a dust suppression system. The dust suppression system consists of a 30l/min lifting pump, which feeds water into four arm based nozzles creating a fine mist. The system can work in either auto or manual mode. In the auto mode, water is only sprayed when the attachment is operating. Designed to deal with high impact materials and demanding terrains, the Volvo EC380E straight boom has a solid main frame made of heavy duty plate steel with bolt head protection. There is also heavy duty (‘eXtreme Duty’) undercover protection, a heavy duty belly guard and a full track guard. A slew ring cover and heavy duty side doors with screens and louvers offer added protection. The EC380E straight boom excavator comes with a choice of cab entrances consisting of either a fixed cab entrance and thicker side impact protection system (SIPS), or a foldable cab entrance with narrow SIPS; the latter being designed to make transportation easier. According to the manufacturer, the range will shortly be expanded with the addition of a 30t class EC300E straight boom excavator boasting the same features and benefits. 


 Cat aims higher with new 340 UHD model  

Purpose made for the demolition of tall structures, the new Cat 340 UHD excavator boasts 13% higher pin than the forerunning 340F UHD model, allowing it to reach up to eight storey buildings. The machine’s coupling system permits switching between two UHD fronts and retrofit booms and sticks with no special tools in 15min. With two UHD front options available, the 22m front offers a maximum 3.7t weight at stick pin and maximum horizontal reach of 13.55m at stick nose over the front and side of the machine. Working with a maximum weight at stick pin of 3.3t, the 25m front offers a 13.33m reach at stick nose over the front and side of the machine. This matches characteristics of Cat multiprocessors, specifically the MP332 and MP324 models. Contractors can choose between one or two piece boom options for truck loading or lower reach demolition work. Three stick options are available at the lengths of 2.8m, 3.2m and 3.9m. The Cat ‘Payload’ system provides on the go weighing and real time estimates of the payload, so operators can achieve precise load targets when working with the single piece retrofit boom. The excavator is powered by a 232kW, EU Stage V-compliant Cat C9.3B engine running on either diesel or biodiesel fuel. The 340 UHD features a 30o tiltable cab for efficient and comfortable demolition of tall buildings. For better visibility of the attachment at height, a UHD front with work tool camera is provided. The cab is equipped with FOGS, and 10mm front and roof P5A laminated glass for safety. Standard rear view and side view camera enhances visibility of the operating area. Apart from Cat Payload, the 340 UHD with the single piece retrofit boom, is equipped with a host of features designed to increase productivity. Cat ‘E-fence’ and Cat ‘Grade’ with 2D automatically determine depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade through the touch screen monitor. Standard Cat ‘Product Link’ captures critical machine operating data and condition, conveying data to field managers and the office via ‘VisionLink’. ‘Remote Troubleshoot’ analyses real time machine data captured by Product Link, which allows workers to manage fleet location, hours, and maintenance schedules and delivers alerts to mobile devices.


 JCB 220X crawler is now available in demolition specification  

Following a programme of extensive testing, the JCB 220X crawler excavator is now available in the ‘XD’ demolition specification. Certified to FOPS Level 2, a protection cage shields the driver from falling material. All JCB XD excavators feature a side impact protection system (SIPS) designed to protect the fuel and hydraulic tanks, cooling pack and the hydraulic pump bags and is fitted down both sides of the machine’s upper structure. Underbelly protection has been improved with an increase in thickness from 2mm to 10mm to guard vital machine components on the upper and lower structure. For attachment handling, the UK manufacturer offers the option of ‘Advanced Tool Select’. On the display 10 attachments can be setup with desired flow and relief pressure. The upper structure is now 2.7m wider, and 200mm broader than their predecessors, with the additional space enabling JCB’s engineers to mount the main boom in the centre of the machine, rather than at an offset. This reduces stress on the slew bearing and provides increased accuracy for the operator when trenching. It also permits the use of larger buckets without impacting the tracks. Though the boom and arm are unchanged, JCB will offer the option of boom float with two modes to make grading easier and to reduce stress when operating a hydraulic breaker. 


 Komatsu rolls out a ‘whale’ of an excavator  

Komatsu Europe has announced the introduction of the new PC2000-11 hydraulic excavator. Weighing in at a whopping 202t, this giant boasts an innovative engine pump control system that optimises hydraulic flow for extra fast cycle times. Ideal for loading 60t to 150t rigid frame haul trucks, the PC2000-11 is also an excellent tool for stripping overburden and loading coal and shot rock. It has a simplified power module (cooling package, engine, PTO, and hydraulic pumps) that provides easy access to all major components, lowers noise levels in the cab, and reduces labour hours when time comes for a planned overhaul. Gregory Peeters, Komatsu Europe product manager says of the new model: “Engage the new ‘Power Plus’ work mode and productivity levels are off the charts. To cope with this extraordinary power, the frames, boom, arm, and undercarriage are all strengthened to ensure maximum uptime in even the most extreme applications.” The PC2000-11 benefits from a huge mining class ergonomic cab. Standard safety features include a hydraulically activated access/egress ladder, external emergency shutdown switches, neutral detection and ‘KomVision’ – Komatsu’s patented monitoring system. A seven camera system provides a 360° bird’s eye view of the working area on a dedicated 250mm touch screen monitor. Komatsu’s proven after treatment system allows the PC2000-11 to meet the EU Stage V regulations without the need for Adblue. Offering an increase in productivity of up to 12%, the PC2000-11 can load more trucks per shift. The excavator is equipped with selectable working modes to tailor the performance to different applications, including the brand new Power Plus mode. Customers can expect extended component life on the PC2000-11 thanks to thicker, stronger boom plates and castings; strengthened track and centre frames; larger diameter carrier rollers and improved hydraulic cylinder seals. The new seals on work equipment cylinders enable the PC2000-11 to withstand the most abrasive applications. 


 Liebherr-France SAS hands over its largest ‘demolisher’ so far to a German customer 

On 26 February 2021, the German demolition company AWR Abbruch GmbH received the key to its new R 980 demolition excavator in an official handover ceremony at Liebherr’s plant in the French city of Colmar. The ceremony took place in the presence of Liebherr-France’s senior management and Mrs Brigitte Klinkert, the French Minister of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue. The largest Liebherr demolition excavator so far, it was designed and manufactured by Liebherr-France SAS in close cooperation with the German contractor who already owns a number of Liebherr demolishers, general purpose excavators and wheel loaders. With an operating weight of 190t and a counterweight of 35t, the R 980 comes with four boom options measuring 21m, 26m, 36m and 55m respectively. The 21m and 26m booms are designed to handle attachments of up to 15t, the 36m version takes on up to 7t tools and the 55m operates with up to 3t attachments. 


 Kobelco launches its largest short radius excavator in the 38t segment 

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V has announced the launch of its largest short radius (SR) model in the 38t segment. Weighing in at over 36t, the SK380SRLC is driven by a 200kW Stage V-compliant turbo charged Hino diesel engine with a ‘Power Boost’ feature. The machine’s powertrain generates a drawbar force of 314kN for smooth and steady operation across rough terrains and slopes. In addition, the combination of high hydraulic pressure (‘Heavy Lift’) and balanced chassis layout delivers a lifting capacity of 12,390kg (from ground level) even when digging at a reach of 6m. The SK380SRLC’s spacious cabin incorporates a number of features to improve safety, operational comfort and general aesthetics. The Kobelco branded ‘Grammer’ air cushioned and heated suspension seat absorbs vibrations on challenging terrain. The colour LCD multi display screen shows fuel consumption, maintenance intervals, digging mode and other important information. Up to ten pre-set attachment settings can be selected to match the attachment being used. The tilt up opening FOPS guard level II comes as standard, providing access to the external roof glass. Additional safety is provided by three standard cameras located on the left, right and at the rear of the machine. A two piece boom option for the SK380SRLC is expected to be introduced later this year to further enhance the machine’s usability in confined spaces. Peter Stuijt, product manager for Kobelco Europe, comments on the new excavator: “The arrival of the SK380SRLC is a result of comprehensive market research and customer feedback, coupled with Kobelco’s extensive experience in innovative technologies. We’re seeing more demand for short radius machines, due to increased requirements for urban infrastructure and utilities, and the SK380SRLC offers all the benefits of a heavy machine, including high power and increased lifting capacity, but in a much smaller working footprint.” 

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