Blastrac is releasing a new small planetary grinder

Published 8/7, 2021 at 17:24

The Blastrac BMG-444 is the smallest planetary triple head grinder of the Blastrac range. It is very compact and can access limited areas. Featuring speed control or not, all the user need to do is to make a choise between two versions.

The machines are easy to manoeuvre and benefit from minimum vibrations and a low noise level. With the advantage of an adjustable steering handle that includes a storage place for a smartphone, it is easy to keep control of the machine. In addition, the BMG-444 can be folded for easy transportation onto small vehicles (the BMG-444 can also be easily dismantled in three parts).

The planetary system of the BMG-444 is in a completely casted housing for 100% sealing of the lower belt against dust and water. It makes the machine very easy to clean without any risk. In addition, they are equipped with a self-tensioning upper belt with long lifetime. This means there is no need to adjust the belt tension making it easier to maintain belts.

The floating shroud is made of one single piece allowing easy locking for changing tools and transportation. Like all other Blastrac triple disc grinders, the BMG-444 will be delivered as standard with Slidemag adapter plates that can be equipped with any type of Slidemag wings, including grinding wings, PCD wings, polishing and ceramic pads.

The new BMG-444 is equipped as standard with a local dust exhaust of Ø76 mm, a floating shroud and an extra nozzle for better suction performance. It also has a water hose connection with an easy adjustable ball valve flow control.

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