Bobcat unveils 2t electric mini excavator at bauma

Published 20/12, 2022 at 10:44

Bobcat introduced a new 2t mini excavator to supplement its range of electrically powered machines.

The E19e – an electric version of Bobcat’s popular E19 internal combustion (IC) model – is designed to provide zero emissions, low noise operation and comparable levels of performance to its diesel powered counterpart. The new machine was unveiled during a special launch event at the manufacturer’s stand on the opening day of bauma 2022. Scott Park, Doosan Bobcat CEO, commented: “With the introduction of the E19e, Bobcat has expanded its electric line up of zero emission and quiet machines that can match the excellent performance of our conventional models.”


Clean and quiet operations

The Bobcat E19e features the same profile, external dimensions and comparable performance as the E19 mini excavator. The E19e boasts the same stability, lift capacity and breakout forces as its conventional counterpart, while its constant torque curve (a feature of electric motors) ensures dependable and powerful operations. With a width of just 98cm, the new electric model is easy to operate in even the most confined workspaces, making it ideal for tasks such as demolition as well as outside applications that require quiet, zero emission operations.

Designed around the needs of the operator, with more space between its consoles, the E19e features travel pedals and joysticks, including thumb controls for the ‘Aux1’ and boom swing functions. The introduction of foldable travel pedals and the absence of floor mounted Aux1 and boom swing offset pedals have served to maximise legroom. In addition to delivering a healthier and more comfortable work environment, the E19e’s low noise, zero emission operations also facilitate communication and productivity on the job site. The E19e features a 3.5h battery capacity and can be recharged quickly using a ‘super-fast’ charger.


Designed for reliability and longevity

Thanks to the years of research and development involved in its creation, the E19e has been developed to be a dependable machine. It uses proven components from the smaller E10e, with its premium battery featuring technology equivalent to that employed by the world’s leading electric automakers. The E19e is powered by a 17.3kW/h battery, which is larger than the E10e’s 11.5kW/h power source. It also produces low noise levels on site, with an LpA (operator noise) of 70dBA, 9dBA less than the diesel powered E19. The model’s electrical system and components have been designed for optimised work in harsh environments and, owing to the use of low voltages only (the same as the E10e), the 2t mini excavator is safe and easy to maintain. It also comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty from Bobcat, providing peace of mind to fleet owners and end users.

Miroslav Konas, mini excavator product manager, Doosan Bobcat EMEA, concluded: “The E19e electric mini excavator combines a safe, nearly silent, zero emission design with the E19’s market leading features and performance as well as its suitability for working in confined spaces. As a result, it is the ideal machine for applications such as indoor and outdoor demolition, landscaping and infrastructure activities, and other tasks that necessitate night time work or low noise levels. The E19e represents an extremely attractive solution for rental companies and contractors alike.”

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