Break(er) time

Published 10/5, 2021 at 13:33

It’s been a tough year for everyone, particularly demolition equipment manufacturers who supply areas of the world severely hit by the coronavirus. Still, many companies have pushed forward with new and upgraded hydraulic breakers designed to help contractors continue their quest for jobsite efficiency, operational reliability and low ownership costs. Whether the job involves infrastructure, buildings, or other types of facilities, these breakers are ready to get to work.

 Doosan’s new HB-series hydraulic breakers 

Doosan Infracore Europe has launched the new HB-series hydraulic breaker range for the European market. The new five model range offers high performance and a simplified design, specifically optimised and fully certified for excavators from 1.2t to 15t. As a result, Doosan HB breakers offer high levels of productivity, whether the operator is demolishing concrete or breaking rocks. The breakers’ service life is extended through adoption of an advanced heat treatment process and quality proven materials for key components including the cylinder and piston. The energy of the piston stroke is accumulated by charged nitrogen gas and an inward valve system with a simple structure and fewer inner parts. A urethane damper prevents vibration that might damage the carrier and improves operator comfort. The front head supports the breaker and assemblies with bushing, which buffers the shock from the tool. The low noise housing is ideal for working in urban areas where noise levels must be controlled, or where local regulations may require silenced breakers. Ideally suited for demolition work, the new breakers are also intended for general construction, rental, quarrying and mining applications. Backed by a two year warranty, the breakers are available at cost effective prices, providing customer benefits in terms of total cost of ownership. The new breakers are also covered by the Doosan dealer service network and product specialists, providing fully comprehensive ‘one-stop’ service support.


 Idromeccanica’s big breakers for big jobs 

In order to satisfy market demand for large breaker models, Idromeccanica now offers the improved IMI 170M, IMI 240M, and IMI 320T, which are now the company’s best-selling models. The IMI 170M features a 135mm tool and weighs 1,800kg fitting machines from 21t to 30t. The breaker releases 4,500J of energy, delivering 400-800blow/min. It fits the most common excavator classes, and is suitable for any job. The IMI 240M is equipped with a 150mm tool bit matching machines from 26t to 35t, providing a power of 6,500J delivering 370-800blow/min. Last but not least, is the IMI 320T, featuring a heavy duty casing with a 155mm tool. The latter weighs 3,200kg and suits machines from 35t to 50t. All IMI breakers feature an attractive design, and are supplied with air and grease holes as standard, a feature that are many other breakers offer only as options. The air hole allows the use of the breaker underwater, while the grease hole allows the automatic lubrication device to be simply bolted on making greasing easily accomplished. All Idromeccanica breakers are made entirely in Italy, with the company paying close attention to quality, performance and design. It continually monitors customer needs, making R&D the company’s everyday goal, with bigger models set to join the IMI product range soon.


 JCB’s ‘Contractor’ range of hydraulic breakers 

JCB’s Contractor range of hydraulic breakers is designed to work with 0.5t to 60t excavators, backhoe loaders and compact machinery as well as breaker tool carriers etc. The range now includes 14 models, ranging from the compact HM012T that weighs in at 120kg to suit mini and micro excavators, to the 3.8t HM380T, which has been designed to work with excavators in the 40t to 60t category.  HM033T and above have accumulators to protect the carrier machine from hydraulic pressure spikes, reducing possible wear and tear on the hydraulic system. HM080T and above are equipped with a refillable auto greasing system, and an auto stop feature that reduces blank firing, thereby protecting the breaker from unnecessary wear and damage.  Internal control valves deliver higher efficiency and are said by the company to be less vulnerable than models that rely on external valves, while two speed control valves allow the operator to customise tool speed and stroke length, dependent on the material that is being broken. This increases productivity and reduces the risk of damage to the breaker and the carrier. 

Hammers for use with equipment above an 8t operating weight come as standard with a refillable auto greasing system, ensuring the breaker always receives the correct amount of lubrication throughout the working day. This cuts downtime and boosts productivity, whilst twin oval tool retaining pins are included on heavier models, delivering double the life of a standard pin as they can be rotated to wear on both sides. Smaller breakers are equipped with a single tool retainer.  Contractor breakers use a single scaled design with the same maintenance requirements for each model. This ensures that dealer and customer service staff, particularly in a rental operation, can easily work on all breakers in the range. All models undergo final assembly in the UK to the highest quality levels, and come backed by a three year manufacturer warranty.


 Indeco latest innovations 

The HP 100 FS, the smallest hammer in the Indeco range, made its US debut at Conexpo last year as the HP 150 FS in direct response to the need of the American market for mini excavators and other compact carriers from 0.7t upwards, which can operate in restricted working areas. Capable of working effectively even with reduced hydraulic flow and weighing under 60kg, the smallest member of the breaker range streamlines job times and ensures excellent productivity through an high impact energy per blow rate. Two other lightweights -HP 400 FS and HP 550 FS - offer improved performance with new powerful features, including increased energy class, blows per minute and tool diameter. A totally new product that extends the already broad range of large Indeco hammers is the HP 6000 FS, which takes up a position midway between the HP 5000 and HP 7000.With this product Indeco aims to provide an answer to 30t carriers increasingly being replaced with slightly larger models weighing 35t to 36t. The new HP 6000 hammer is an ideal fit for excavators in the 35t to 45t range, with an excellent power to weight ratio. The new model has been designed to deliver productivity and reliability, partly due to the Hardox inserts in the lower part of the casing, which enable it to withstand even the toughest jobs. 

Finally, Indeco has introduced a new automatic greasing system developed by Bekalube’s technical staff. A series of key systems are designed to keep hammers in perfect working order by using the right amount of lubricant and cutting out the down times needed for manual greasing. The new kits are divided into two categories comprising of on board systems fitted directly onto the hammer, and units mounted onto the excavator. In both cases, these systems are connected to the hammer through a single greasing point.

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