Break time

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:24

For everything, there is a season; a time to build, and a time to tear down. If you’re dealing with concrete, you want the toughest, most powerful breaker available to make quick work of the old material, and get a head start on that building process. Whether you’re attending bauma 2019, or just following the action from your home and office, there are plenty of new and upgraded breakers and related products with features designed to maximise efficiency and value. They’ll help you make ‘break time’ the most productive time of all. Jim Parsons reports.

Furukawa Rock Drill extends FXJ hydraulic breaker series 

Furukawa Rock Drill’s FXJ series hydraulic breakers is the synergistic result of more than 50 years of experience and continuous developments combined with today’s technology. Two new models will be introduced at bauma 2019:the FXJ 225 and FXJ1070.  One of eight FXJ models, the FXJ1070 replaces the F100XP, adding an extra .5t in weight and with more impact energy, as well as durability and the lowest lifetime ownership cost in the range. Thanks to improvements of its in-liner systems, and various other patented solutions, the new FXJ breakers offer an increased power to weight ratio. A weight reduced breaker with higher impact energy results in larger breaking power, with less maintenance with minimum downtime and easy handling. A wider range of oil flow allows the breaker to be used with various excavator sizes.

A new mono block design eliminates the need for through bolts, resulting in higher performance and more stability. The FXJ series is ideal for use on demolition sites, or as a production breaker at a quarry, with the slim design increasing the efficiency in trench and channel works. Both noise and vibrations are also reduced by the newly designed dampening system.  The high production quality combined with new mono block construction, and newly designed rod retaining pins ensures individual components last longer, greatly reducing overall maintenance costs. The new models offer the standard features found on Furukawa’s previous breaker range, such as anti-idle blow, adjustable piston stroke, connections for a central greasing system and underwater operation, dust intake prevention, and many more.  


New Cat GC S series hydraulic hammers

The new Cat GC S series top mount, hydraulic, silenced hammers from Caterpillar Work Tools - models H115 GC S, H120 GC S, H130 GC S, and H140 GC S - are specifically designed for hydraulic excavators with operating weights from 13t to 40t. The new GC S series models combine optimum power to weight ratios with design simplicity to ensure reliable performance, versatility, ease of use, convenient maintenance, and cost effectiveness in a range of applications, including municipal, general construction, demolition, quarrying, and mining. As a package solution, Caterpillar designed hydraulic kits are available to provide an exact hammer to machine fit for Cat models, ensuring optimum performance.

A gas fired operating cycle delivers a constant reliable performance maximising hammer efficiency, with an automatic shut off feature that provides blank firing protection by stopping the piston from cycling internally when no material is under the tool. Eliminating blank firing protects the hammer by reducing internal stress and heat, which results in lower overall owning and operating costs. As a standard feature, GC S series hammers feature a protective, enclosed housing, designed to lower the noise level for the operator, as well as for the overall job site.

The hammers’ top mount design increases impact power by ensuring that hammer force and stick force are consistently in line. The top mount also provides a larger work area and enhances visibility for the operator. A further benefit of the design results from the top mounted bracket transferring considerably less force into the end of the stick, reducing both potential bending stress and overall impact on carrier structures. Hammer speed / frequency can be easily adjusted to match specific applications and materials to provide optimum productivity.


Hammer acquisition puts Kinshofer in the breaker business

Kinshofer’s January acquisition of Hammer SRL gives the company an immediate presence in the hydraulic breaker market. The 14 model KFX breaker series deliver 150 to 900bpm with operating weights ranging from 8t to 220t, with separate adjustable values allowing users to adjust both blow frequency and working pressure. The 9 model single piece KSB Series produce 600 to 1,100bpm for excavators ranging in weight from.5t to 121t, and work with nitrogen inertial energy recovery. Special sealing rings on the floating support mean the nitrogen charge life can be increased by up to 300%. 


Montabert’s SC 36 breaker spotlights series’ success

One of Montabert’s 9 SC series breaker models, the SC 36 hydraulic breaker, features fully enclosed sound proof cradles to minimise harmful vibrations, limit jobsite noise, and protect working parts from dust and debris. This has been designed for use with skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, and mini excavators weighing between 1t and 15.5t,  with the SC 36 producing 1,550 bpm using Montabert’s 76mm diameter blunt, pyramidal, and chisel point tools. The tool has an operating weight of 365kg, and impact energy of 4,448N. 

The SC series is very tolerant to back pressure, and compatible with all existing hydraulic systems with the use of internal pressure regulation. A simple ‘plug and go’ process means no extra components or complicated adjustments are needed. The SC’s hydraulic distribution will automatically adjust the breaker working pressure, enabling optimal functionality. With few wear parts, and no tie rods for simplified routine maintenance, SC series breakers are also compatible with all quick couplers, and meet all adaption requirements for a variety of carriers.


Rammer celebrates 40th anniversary 

To celebrate 40 years of excellence and reflect changing customer requirements, Rammer has renewed both its outlook and product offerings. This has led to the updating and upgrading of its Excellence Line of hydraulic hammers, which follows on from the launch of the Performance Line earlier in 2018. One of the key features of the new line is that safety is endemic to the operation of the range, no matter if the hammer is being used in a quarry, on a demolition project, tunnel or any other application. To reinforce this commitment, all models feature reflective stickers that remind users of the importance of working safe, and helping colleagues do the same.  

One of the major features of the Excellence Line is Rammer’s purpose developed RD3 remote monitoring device, said to be a first of its kind on hammers. RD3 uses the ‘MyFleet’ telematics service to track and monitor fleet equipment usage without the need of going to the site to collect the data, making it ideal for dealers, rental companies and operators. This cloud based system enables the hammers to be viewed and monitored in Google maps.

The main benefits of the system are that it enables owners and managers of fleets to know exactly where their equipment is, and how it is being used. This facilitates better business decisions through providing improved security and optimised fleet location, while also enabling enhanced application knowledge and operator education, all accomplished via GPS data. This helps the tools contribute to the owner’s overall profitability and efficiency. 

The Excellence Line further reflects Rammer’s developing customer focused outlook through having a host of other new features.  Lower tool bushing rotating and replacement on the field increases lifetime of lower tool bushing, which contributes to reduced operating costs. This is further reflected through the use of two tool retaining pins that increase the lifetime of the tool and retaining pins, as well as increases the lifetime of the tool bushings. An IBP on / off selector is fitted to the valve body enabling easy field adjustments (2577E and up). Separate greasing channels from the valve body to the upper and lower tool bushing further increases tool and tool bushings lifetime. 

Rammer’s Excellence Line continues the company’s 40 year tradition of delivering innovative hammers designed to improve profitability, safety and performance. With its new customer focused features, the line perfectly represents Rammer’s developing outlook in assisting businesses enhance their performance.


Promove celebrates 30 years of customer satisfaction 

On 23 November 1989, Promove began a long and ambitious journey, driven by the intuition of its founding partners. “We made a bold choice many years ago by accepting a challenge in a tough and critical environment,” says Promove president Rachele Capurso. “Everything started in a small workshop. The first Promove breaker was born here and it was a great success.” Today all components are in house made, through advanced CNC machinery and using the latest technology, assuring maximum precision and finishing of all the surfaces. All phases of product realisation, ranging from 3D design, sophisticated parametric software, the choice of raw materials, and from assembly to testing and packaging, are carried out with extreme care. This allows Promove to achieve its high standards.

The latest example of Promove’s development  is the XP60, an extremely innovative 60kg hydraulic breaker for .6t-1.6t excavators. Delivering up to 950bpm, the machine works with a working pressure range of 100-110bar and a flow rate between 10 and 15 l/pm. It’s equipped with 12.7mm lubricant inlet and outlet bushings, with a maximum back pressure of 25bar. The secret of containing so much power in such a small body is the internal monoblock structure without tie rods. Thanks to the unique mix of power, lightness and reliability, the XP60 has been designed to be the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.


Brokk’s new hydraulic breaker series

The new Brokk Hydraulic Breaker (BHB) series is perfectly matched with the company’s full range of remote controlled demolition robots. In essence, each robot is designed from the attachment backward, providing the exact amount of flow, pressure, backpressure, and downward force that the hammer requires, which offers the best possible demolition performance to Brokk customers. The BHB series includes eight breaker models, from the 50kg BHB 55 breaker for the Brokk 60 machine, all the way up to the 700kg BHB 705 for the recently introduced Brokk 500 and Brokk 520D. The attachments are lightweight and compact, yet feature power similar to larger, heavier breakers from other manufacturers. The hammer bodies are machined from a solid casting, eliminating side and through bolts, along with the side plates found on many other hammer designs. An integrated, side mounted accumulator holds a nitrogen gas charge for as long as a year.

Brokk demolition robots and breakers are designed to work at maximum performance together, resulting in more total demolition power. This includes reducing back pressure and optimised machine oil flow, oil pressure, and down pressure, to allow for more hydraulic power while using less energy.


New tunnel version of Epiroc solid body breakers 

Epiroc has developed application specific versions of its 315kg SB 302 and 450kg 452 solid body breakers for the rigours and challenges of underground environments. The breakers are designed for 4.5t-13t excavators, and feature a new stainless steel piston that offers longer life while additional casing reinforcement will stand up longer to rugged operating conditions. Special features keep dust and debris out of the machine’s inner workings.


There have also been a number of developments purpose designed for small braking jobs, or for working in confined spaces. Here are examples of hand held hammers that provide a lot of punch in a small package, plus the convenience of long lasting cordless operation.


Hilti’s cordless Combihammer 

Hilti is advancing its tool technology with the introduction of a new cordless SDS max combihammer, the TE 60-A36. Powered by the strongest and highest capacity battery available, the 8kg TE 60-A36 is said to drill faster than any corded combihammer in the same size class, with 3,300ipm. Delivering 1Nm of impact energy, the highly versatile tool is the perfect solution for a variety of applications besides drilling and breaking, including corrective chiselling, driving ground rods and metal stakes for formwork, digging and tamping in narrow spaces as well as coring in masonry and concrete with Hilti percussion core bits. 

In addition to a brushless motor for high performance and efficiency, the TE 60-A36 comes with ‘Active Vibration Reduction’ and ‘Active Torque Control’ that protects the user, tool and insert. The TE 60-A36 is OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant when used with dust removal systems TE DRS-Y, TE DRS-D and a Hilti vacuum cleaner.


Bosch GBH18V-36C SDS-max rotary hammer 

The Bosch GBH18V-36C rotary hammer delivers 7.5Nm of impact energy in a versatile concrete tool, with the hammer featuring a Bosch EC brushless motor that offers both power and low maintenance requirements. The hammer has a ‘no load’ drilling speed of 500rpm and a ‘no load’ beats per minute of 2,900 bpm to maximise performance in hammer drilling and chiselling applications in concrete. The 6.7kg GBH18V-36C is the first Bosch SDS max rotary hammer to feature a reverse mode, which can help free a bit that’s become jammed in concrete. 

The rotary hammer’s HMI (human machine interface) provides a large screen that changes colour based on hammer operating status: green for operational; yellow identifies an issue such as higher motor temperatures; red means the tool is offline; and blue means the hammer is connected to a mobile device. The screen communicates alerts and warnings as well as operational status. The optional GCY30-4 Bluetooth connectivity module links the tool to the free Bosch ‘Toolbox app’, which reports battery charge status and offers enhanced tool control adjustment.

The GBH18V-36C rotary hammer also features Bosch exclusive ‘Kickback Control’, an integrated sensor that helps reduce the risk of user injury in bind up situations. In addition, Bosch adaptive speed control offers ramp up speed in chiselling mode for greater control to simplify demolition tasks. The hammer’s multi-functional selector makes it easy to switch to hammer drilling, chiselling or reverse. To accommodate optimised chiselling, the Bosch GBH18V-36C rotary hammer includes ‘Vario-Lock’ positioning that allows the user to rotate and lock a chisel into the best working angle. The rotary hammer includes a lock on button for use in chiselling mode. Furthermore, it comes with Bosch exclusive ‘Electronic Cell Protection’ (ECP) that protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge for a longer life. Bosch ‘Electronic Motor Protection’ (EMP) further protects the motor against overload with integrated temperature management.

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