“Bring your broom cos it’s a mess”

Published 23/11, 2021 at 14:28

Things are now loosening up in the market and in June, PDi Magazine exhibited at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, but only with our US personnel attending the show. In October however, some of our European staff attended the Italian show Ecomondo in Rimini. This marks a kind of a new era in travelling after being more or less locked up since March 2020.

The question does arise though if whether we can we believe that things are coming back to normal? No not yet. Not completely anyway. We still see outbreaks of the pandemic all over the world and increasing numbers of people being infected. Some countries are reintroducing Covid restrictions. However, the death rate has decreased thanks to the vaccination programme resulting in reduced numbers of people becoming ill with the virus. Still, soon there will become a need for a third dose of the vaccine so that things can become closer to normal during 2022. If we do see a shift to the worse, I think 2022 will be rather limp as well. But despite the situation, it is looking rather better in the markets PDi Magazine covers. It could anyway have been far worst.

Some weeks ago, the United Nation Climate Change Conference was held in Glasgow, Scotland. A lot of promises were made and at this point it seems like most countries are on the right track to work in the same direction to prevent climate change. However, we will not reach the 1.5o goal that is for sure. Following the Paris meeting nothing actually happened, with our pollution, and the felling of our forests actually increasing. So, the conditions for improvement look slim unfortunately. 

But we as an industry actually can do a lot on our own and take responsibility for our actions. The fact is we only have one world and we are now borrowing time from our childrens’ future. We have now come to the point where each of us has to take this into consideration and ask, ‘How I can help?’ And that concerns all aspects of both our private and professional lives. When it comes to our professional lives, when we act as contractors or suppliers we can receive a lot of help from branch associations of industry bodies to help find effective measures and strategies that will help us decrease pollution in different ways. It is not just about making the ‘buck’ anymore. We have worked that way for so many years without considering the effects of our actions and it is time to take responsibility and start cleaning up after us. This reminds me of the movie, ‘The Campaign’ with Will Farrell and Zack Galifianakis, where Galifianakis’s character, Marty Huggins, says, “Bring your brooms cos it’s a mess”. 

I am not blaming anyone however for the state we have reached, but I think it is really about time, and I mean “really”, that we start thinking about how we all can all help to save our planet.

This issue of PDi Magazine is as usual loaded with interesting stories and new developments from the industries we are all involved in. We are also publishing our annual special feature on new equipment for floor prep, concrete floor grinding and polishing. We are also running special features on hydrodemolition, floor and road saws and waste handling equipment. You will also find a review of the recent Ecomondo show in Rimini.

I would also like to wish you a good and fruitful continuation of the year and hope that you stay healthy.

Jan Hermansson

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