Bringing together the European and Northern American demolition industries

Published 24/4 at 09:35

The first trimester of 2023 was incredibly fruitful for the European Demolition Association. Many projects, publications, and events took place and many more are on the way.

The demolition industry is thriving, and the relationships within the sector intensify as the days go by.

At the end of February, I had the honour to attend The Demolition Phoenix 2023 for the first time as the president of the EDA. This annual event, organised by the National Demolition Association, NDA, gathered industry professionals from all around the world.

The environment, as well as the warm welcome we received, was impressive. The feeling of unity and collaborative disposition were palpable.  Thus, meeting and discussing topics such as technological evolution, the circular economy, and the environmental carbon footprint was interesting and productive.

As the event managed to reunite professionals from Northern America, Europe, and other continents, the answers, contributions, and opinions painted a very detailed and complete picture of the demolition industry.

Throughout the event, one thing was certain, while the cultural and legislative contexts are very different between the countries and continents’, the problems we share are the same. Therefore, despite the differences, we can look for joint solutions that apply to all of us.

The exhibitors present at the Demolition Phoenix also deserve a special mention, as the number of activities they brought was outstanding. From the live demolition test fields to traditional fair stands, they showcased the brilliance and innovation of the suppliers to the demolition industry.

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank the president of the NDA, James Milburn, for the kind words he dedicated to the EDA. The hard work and dedication that goes into organising this type of event are immense, but the payoff is equally great. The effort the industry professionals put into bringing the sector together, sharing knowledge, and looking for solutions suitable for all of us, always wields exceptional results.

The Demolition Phoenix 2023 has only reaffirmed what I already knew: no matter where you go, meeting demolition professionals makes you feel at home.


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