Brokk hires sales manager for South America

Published 25/3 at 11:22

Demolition robot manufacturer Brokk has sold its products to the South American markets for decades.

But the company has never had its own sales office in South America. Instead sales have been handled from Brokk, Inc. in Monroe, USA. Now however Brokk has opened its first subsidiary in Santiago de Chile, Chile, hiring Richard von Harpe as its area sales manager for Latin America and as its country manager for Chile. 

PDi Magazine met Richard at the Brokk booth at World of Concrete in Las Vegas together with Brokk’s sales director Joakim Furtenback. Here we discussed Richard’s background, finding out that he has over 13 years of experience in selling technological products, services and solutions for the food, mining and construction industries, among others. He also has experience in managing global relationships, exporting, international business and new market development.

There is no doubt that Richard has a positive attitude and the right motivation for the job. He thinks that the reason why he is the right person is that he is very communicative, and his way of combining logical and abstract thinking. He has proven track record of developing high performance multi-discipline teams in Latin America, Canada, the United States and Europe, becoming what he feels, is a genuinely trusted advisor to his customers and colleagues.

Richard is now based in Santiago de Chile, has been married for 11 years and has two daughters, 9 and 6 years old. He speaks Spanish, English and German fluently.

“I am very pleased to join the Brokk team. I clearly can see a bright future for Brokk in Latin America and there is a lot of potential to be developed. Our goal here in Latin America is to offer a premium experience to our customers delivering the best quality products and services, sharing the same ambition to be the leading player in our respective fields.”

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