Buffalo Turbine launches ‘District Disinfector’ series

Published 30/6, 2020 at 14:49

Buffalo Turbine has announced the launch of its District Disinfector series. This is the latest in its line of sprayers designed to aid municipalities and commercial operations in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The new easy to deploy self-contained sprayer may be used with any truck or utility vehicle, being capable of disinfecting large areas. Applications include cross walks, benches, lamp posts, mail boxes, bus stops, streets, sidewalks, building façades, park equipment and stadiums. The sprayer is compatible with EPA, NYS DEC, CDC and WHO registered and approved disinfectants. The District Disinfector series requires significantly less manual labour to apply disinfectant and feature the Buffalo ‘Turbine Turbulent Air Sprayer’ with rotary atomising nozzle. The company states that turbulent air ensures maximum coverage of areas missed by many conventional sprayers, providing more complete and faster coverage that also assures workers have minimal exposure to hazards.

The District Disinfector series is comprised of four models each tailored to different needs. The BT-CKB4-MDSS with carburetted engine; BT-CKB5EFI-MDSS with electronic fuel injection; BT-CKB3SQ-MDSS with two turbines and dual spray nozzles, and the BT-MEGA-MDSS, the most powerful model. The series is self-contained, engine driven and can be used with any pickup truck or utility vehicle. It features turbulent air for complete coverage has a droplet size of 50-200 microns, a horizontal throw of up to 38m, a vertical throw of up to 30m and an adjustable atomising nozzle flow rate at 0-45l/min. The models spray any compatible disinfectant being designed to disinfect large areas with minimum human exposure using the same technology which combated the Zika virus in 2016. Trailer and tank options are available.

Buffalo Turbine, headquartered in Springville, New York, has assisted national defence and public health organisations control the spread of virus and disease outbreaks for 75 years through their sprayer products. “The newly released Buffalo Turbine Sprayers for disinfecting large areas is just a minor adaptation of existing Buffalo Turbine Sprayers,” says Louis Horschel, owner Buffalo Turbine. “Buffalo Turbine has been a world leader in spraying technologies for wide area vector control for 75 years now. Our expertise in this arena has led to the development of these new models. 

“With our engineering and manufacturing in Springville, we were able to quickly marry our proprietary ‘Rotary Atomising Nozzle’ with our line of high powered blowers. Our designers and engineers were able to put together a self-contained blower to meet the current needs for efficient disinfecting capabilities on a broad scale. Historically where there has been a need for spraying to mitigate a public health problem, thousands have turned to Buffalo Turbine to solve the problem. Worldwide, ask your mosquito and vector control professionals, they can attest to Buffalo Turbine’s products. The trusted name in Public Health 75 years and counting - Buffalo Turbine.”

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