Cams’ asphalt recycling plants

Published 19/4, 2022 at 09:26

In 2021, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Cams launched the ‘Centauro’ APR (Asphalt Pavement Recycler) line.

Since its beginning, Cams has dedicated activity to the research for efficient solutions for the inert recycling sector dedicating its most recent research and development activities to the asphalt recovery process.

From the efficiency of the Centauro range the first two models of the APR line originated: Centauro L 120.56-APR and Centauro XL 150.56-APR. The two mobile plants are designed to recycle 100% of demolished road paving and to preserve the bituminous component without affecting the grading curve of the aggregate, thereby obtaining a high quality final product with the maximum economic savings. The whole range is assembled with a latest generation EU Stage V diesel engine which can be bypassed in order to operate in full electric mode for zero CO2 emissions without affecting machine performance.

Equipped with numerous patented technologies and control systems, Centauro manages to complete a single automated cycle in all recycling operations. The pre-shredding pusher system manages to grab the biggest asphalt chunks and reduces their size to help the primary ‘FTR’ shredder to process all the input material (inlet plates up to 1,000mm). The FTR itself acts as a feeder for the ‘UVS’ screening system. The oversize material is redirected to the secondary ‘CTR’ shredder which reintroduces the further treated material into the screening unit through to a closed cycle system, ensuring the recycling of all the material.

In addition to the high quality of the finished product, the shredding technique with counter rotating shafts at low rpm delivers minimal component wear and very low certified environmental impact. The APR range uses an integrated 4G connection that transmits machine status and production data to site logistics, keeping it updated on the performances and the quantity of recycled material available.

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