‘Cevolution’ technology in action for the first time in a diamond cutting blade

Published 12/9, 2023 at 13:25

The Klingspor diamond cutting blade DT 350 AB is said by the company to perform when used on asphalt and concrete and is therefore a favoured product in road construction.

With the latest product generation, Klingspor’s product developers are said to have succeeded in extending the service life by 50% by the use of a special ceramic grain in the abrasive segment.


The use of a ceramic grain in a diamond cutting blade may sound unusual at first but is said by the German company to be the way forward in improving service life and thus affording the customer increase in operating time. “Especially on asphalt, we realised that there was room for the DT 350 AB to improve,” reports Anton Bodrin, head of product management. “Teaming up with our product developers in Germany and our product testers all over the world, we were able to improve the blade in such a way that it now delivers a service life that is increased by 50%.”

The developers relied on a ceramic abrasive grain to achieve this level of performance. Its singular physical properties, such as hardness and good integration, allow the special ceramic grain in the blend to ensure greater stability and less heavy wear on abrasive materials such as asphalt. At the same time, it supports the cutting effect of the diamonds. These properties made the DT 350 AB the first diamond cutting blade to receive the popular Cevolution seal. With this product, as in other abrasives included in Klingspor’s product range, Cevolu-tion is said to deliver noticeable product improvement. Products bearing the Cevolution logo contain ceramic abrasive grain and are optimised for their respective application.


Blade shines in the tests

Klingspor states that numerous, independently conducted test trials have confirmed the improvement in service life. “We work closely with our colleagues around the world. We provided them with prototypes of the innovation for testing purposes, and testers shared the same experience with us, from South America to France to Eastern Europe. The blades lasted around 50% longer at a slightly improved cutting performance, i.e. a distinctly noticeable product advantage for our customers,” asserts Anton Bodrin, summarising the feedback from the test countries. As a result, the blade deserved to be distinguished with the Cevolution seal.

The enhanced road construction all-rounder DT 350 AB Cevolution will become available at specialist dealers starting in the summer of 2023.

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